Radicalization by Fear.

I wrote this essay in the fall of 2020, before the election and right in the middle of the extreme tensions surrounding the election, COVID issues, and racial justice issues. I would rather not enter into the fray of current debates when they’re actually happening, and still am not debating any of the issues themselves. […]

An Anniversary of Questions.

June has come back around. It has been a year since I quite suddenly became unwell. I remember the night that it started – a Friday night – wide awake half the night, my lungs overcome with pain and feeling like they’d been deflated, my head dizzy and full of pressure, my heart beating faster […]

Notice Where You Are.

Lately, photos have come more easily than words. I’ve caught myself eyeing every turn, every sky, looking to capture something magnificent. …And then still end up surprised when magnificence is everywhere I look. Those stunning sights have always been around me, but it took this summer to seriously look up from my life and see […]

Where I’ve Been This Summer.

My symptoms first started in June. For a couple of nights in a row, when laid down to go to sleep, I had chest pain, pressure that felt like my lungs were collapsing, and a lot of trouble breathing. Naturally, these symptoms also kept me from sleeping well. I first went to the Doc in […]


This is one of those scary-to-write posts.  Pondering the range of reactions that you might have, I can imagine that some of you will probably think it is frivolous and silly, wondering what the big deal is.  Some of you might think that I am a terrible parent, and that my generation and our technology […]

My Blogging Tips From See Jane Write

I usually don’t feel competent or comfortable giving blogging advice – my blog doesn’t hang out in the “how-to” category much (unless we’re talking about something insane like how to make a Breastmilk Smoothie or a Presidential Christmas Gift list).  Out of my 1,200+ posts, only one (before this one) has ever been on the […]

Checking Up – Seven Weeks.

Since I have been open in the past with my struggles when Ali was a newborn and about my fears about doing it all over again, I wanted to honestly share my experiences with Noah as well, even if it forces me to be serious for a post every now and then.  I hope you […]

Unprepared Preparedness

Disclaimer: More-Serious-Than-Usual Post to follow. I am going to earn the title of Mom of Two Kids ANY DAY NOW. And I am totally unprepared. My house is a wreck (because I’m unwieldy and exhausted and constantly contracting and therefore don’t feel like doing anything), thank you notes are not written, Christmas presents, although bought, […]

Widening Your Blog’s Appeal

….Also known as “The Post Which Makes Me Sick at My Stomach With Nervousness”. I have had several people ask me recently to write a post of advice on how to gain more readers for their blogs and how to take their blog to “the next level”. Now I must say that writing “How-To” posts […]

the God of Rachel

I am doing a study on the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), and God showed me something really exciting today. I was reading about Jacob wrestling with God. After he had wrestled with God, he set up an altar to God and called it El Elohe Israel, which translated means “The God of Israel”. He […]