How You Spell “Happy Holidays” In The South.

First of all – it’s time to announce the winner of the Shark Portable Steamer!! Since it was such a big giveaway and there were so many entries, I fired my usual random number generator (Excel) and used the “official” one – And, it told me: I’m sure you’re wondering who entry #101 was….. […]

Maternal Proof.

For all the people out there that keep saying, “She looks JUST like her Father!!!”: We pout alike. We share the same profile: And have the same liberal use of tonguage in facial expression: Luckily for her, she didn’t get those thighs of mine.


I’ve been hearing about how Ali has become quite the chef at Gramamma and Pop’s house, apparently earning the title as an expert biscuit maker and cookie cutter. So, I decided to test out these mad skillz myself at home. I needed to make a Danish, so I enlisted her help. And I was surprised […]

Punnett and His Squares

I always knew that mine and Chris’ eyes were a similar color, but it wasn’t until I took this picture that I realized that they were exact matches (or at least they were that day): It is so fascinating to me that those two eyes can produce this: And that this: Plus This: Can produce […]

A “Moving” Picture Show: First Ice Cream Cone.

Study…Study harder… Test… Roll around on one’s tongue to analyze the quality:Secondary test: Tertiary test: Quaternary test: Result: face down, on the seat, hole in the side, multiple hazmat crews needed for cleanup: I’ve always wanted to use the words “tertiary” and “quaternary” in a post. I now feel completed as a blogger. For my […]

An Older Cousin’s Job is to Help Teach.

Eli came over, and so, of course, had to have his first training in jumping on the trampoline. Only problem was, Ali. Every time he’d get the momentum to stand up, She would completely wipe him out with her own, much greater, momentum. And then, completely obliviously look at him with puzzlement. But, luckily, Eli […]


As I’ve mentioned before, it is quite crucial to my two year old to have CHILDREN’S PLACE sunglasses. $2.50 though they may be, she scoffs at all others. So, since they are clearancing them out (yes, I know that’s not a word), I figured I’d better stock up. What I DIDN’T realize until after my […]

Cosmetic Mystery

Wha. . .?Are those lipstick marks on a SIPPY CUP?!?! (runs off in search of culprit) Aha! Caught!I especially like that perfect lipstick-heart on her nose. I don’t think that could be done if one tried. But, unfortunately, she doesn’t seem very penitent at all.I’m sure that THIS felony will be repeated. Check out everyone […]