Study harder…


Roll around on one’s tongue to analyze the quality:IMG_1269
Secondary test:IMG_1270
Tertiary test:

Quaternary test:

Result: face down, on the seat, hole in the side, multiple hazmat crews needed for cleanup:IMG_1274

I’ve always wanted to use the words “tertiary” and “quaternary” in a post. I now feel completed as a blogger.

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20 thoughts on “A “Moving” Picture Show: First Ice Cream Cone.

  1. I love watching kids try things for the first time. My daughter will clamp her lips shut and just stick out the tip of her tongue when we put something up to her mouth that she's not sure about. At this point I'm happy that she's even willing to taste test. I dread the day she decides to just not trust that Mom and Dad aren't trying to shove some nasty tasting veggie in her mouth.

    Great time line of photos!!
    Happy WW!

  2. I especially love the hole in the side of the cone – that absolutely made it for me!!! :)

  3. I hope Ali was able to enjoy the ice cream some before it was destroyed!
    I didn't even know what came after secondary, did you already know that or did you have to look it up?

  4. Great words to use. And all because of you I will NEVER forget the words 'axiomatically bombastic".

    Sweet pics of Ali and her first ice cream cone.

  5. That's hilarious to me… Especially the second-to-last picture. Her face is kind of like "AHH! What is this?!"

  6. Gracie Lu always eats the cone first! Ahhh, I remember being able to take pictures of firsts. Poor LuLu will think I din't love her when she gets older and sees all the pictures of big sister and not her!
    Ali is a doll. She did like it, right?

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