For all the people out there that keep saying, “She looks JUST like her Father!!!”:

We pout alike.Me and Ali 1
We share the same profile:Me and Ali 2
And have the same liberal use of tonguage in facial expression:Me and Ali 3

Luckily for her, she didn’t get those thighs of mine.

23 thoughts on “Maternal Proof.

  1. I think as she is growing she looks just like you except that little lower eye lash. And, no disrespect, and since you are skinny now, WOW those were some thighs, where did they go? Had to be baby fat.

  2. She DOES look like you. She is a doll no matter who she gets it from. In some ways I wish my girls did get my thighs at least then they wouldn't have square butts:)
    Did her Dad have curly hair?

  3. So cute, I love this! I the side by side shots were perfect. You must be an older child to have that many good photos of yourself at such a young age;).

  4. Oh my word..those are just about the chuckiest thighs I've ever seen, but I say that in the absolutely nicest way possible!!!

  5. It's really nice that Ali looks like both of you. I think people get thrown off by her light hair and blue eyes. I understand your frustraition though, in 12 years I have had to hear the "your kids look just like your husband" thousands of times. It must be even harder on moms of adopted children. You always want your kids to look like part of you.

  6. Seriously, I have never seen a child look so much like BOTH parents! I think that's really neat…coming from a mom who's child is a spitting image of his father. I love it that he looks like Jeremy…it's very special BUT I wouldn't mind if he resembled me a little. Guess we'll have to wait on the mannerisms!!!

  7. Haha, LOVE it! I thought your profile picture was Ali's at first! I had those thighs when I was little too! Funny. :)

  8. I never thought you and Ali looked that much like each other until I saw these pictures!
    I'm enjoying the flashback pictures, first the violin & cow pictures, now the pouty face and tongue ones, do you have any more to share?!

  9. I have never had anyone who knows my husband say that my children look like me. Any of 'em. Ever. Even though Katie looks so much like my senior picture, Ray's coloring dominates. Several years ago when her look began to change, his mom even said, "I don't think Katie looks as much like Ray as she used to, but I can't figure out WHO she looks like. Maybe Julie the girl next door!" Of course, I think he's pretty cute so all is well.
    I thought your baby pictures were B/Ws of Ali! Both of you=Adorable

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