I’ve been hearing about how Ali has become quite the chef at Gramamma and Pop’s house, apparently earning the title as an expert biscuit maker and cookie cutter.

So, I decided to test out these mad skillz myself at home. I needed to make a Danish, so I enlisted her help.

And I was surprised at how helpful she was – she helped roll out the dough, stir the filling, smooth the filling over the dough, and, of course, was a black belt at cleaning up afterward:IMG_4983

Ooh – I gotta pretend I’m cooking again!IMG_4982

Eh, who am I fooling.

Almost as sweet as the Danish filling….IMG_4990

….or not.IMG_4985

I swear we’re not unfit parents!! I just caught that photo-un-op right after this finger lickin’ moment…IMG_4986

Phew. Now that I’m exonerated, check out everyone else’s Wordless Wednesdays at 5 Minutes for Mom!

…Also on 5 Minutes for Mom is a review/giveaway that I wrote for a baking product that Ali and I have been testing out lately in our cooking adventures – it is a TON of fun – be sure to enter to win one!

16 thoughts on “Chefiature.

  1. James like to "help" crack the eggs. Usually ends up in a mess, but he loves it.

    Those are great pictures and the dimples are too much.

  2. She looks like a great chef to me! My girls and I always lick the batter at the end too. It's our sweet reward for such hard work.

  3. Very cute. Love love love pics of kiddos with food on their faces. Do you think you could send Ali over to help me cook? Jack just wants to bang on pots. No idea where he got that idea. LOL

  4. Hahaha, love the middle finger picture. Those are all too cute! I really need to start letting K help me cook but she makes such a big mess that it is a big pain. But I know she's never going to learn if I don't let her try. Hopefully she gets the hang of it quickly. Maybe Ali can come give her some lessons. :)

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