As I’ve mentioned before, it is quite crucial to my two year old to have CHILDREN’S PLACE sunglasses. $2.50 though they may be, she scoffs at all others.

So, since they are clearancing them out (yes, I know that’s not a word), I figured I’d better stock up.

What I DIDN’T realize until after my purchase was that the glasses they had left were colored-lensed glasses. Until Ali put them on, at which point I said, “Whoa. . . Funky.”

At which point she repeated back, “Funky.”

Public Service Announcement: You really shouldn’t teach a toddler the word “Funky”. It is ripe with opportunity for mispronunciation.

However, for your viewing pleasure, here is the definition of toddler funky, aka Janis Joplin Junior:
IMG_0689 IMG_0690 IMG_0692 IMG_0693 IMG_0696

Later in the day, as her hair fell down due to our extreme heat, she looked even slightly more like a baby Joplin. . .



21 thoughts on “Funky.

  1. The flowery shirt makes them "funkier." Super cute! She is going to be a fashion diva, no doubt!

  2. Those are some rockin glasses! So cute!

    And I learned the hard way about the word funky. Never again will I say it, lol!

  3. I was going to say, that's the wrong word to teach a two year old. I've learned the hard way about several words, especially when my Matt was having some pretty severe speech problems. But, it makes for a good chuckle among the family as they prod them to say those words!

  4. What an adorable little girl. I love your blog. I found it recently from Rachel Garcia's blog I think.

  5. heh. She DOES look rather Joplinesque, eh?

    It always amazes me when kids that young have their own style. I pretty much wore what was laid out for me until I was school age. Then, I fought for my independence and short skirts!

  6. That is definitely a funky toddler! My niece has the purple sunglasses and Luke was wearing them last week…it looks even "funkier" when a boy is wearing them :)

  7. how cute! hopefully she will forget the word funky, but probably not. i'm laughing just thinking of what could be coming. i've been there and it can be oh so embarassing.

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