Wha. . .?
Are those lipstick marks on a SIPPY CUP?!?!

(runs off in search of culprit)

Aha! Caught!
I especially like that perfect lipstick-heart on her nose. I don’t think that could be done if one tried.

But, unfortunately, she doesn’t seem very penitent at all.

I’m sure that THIS felony will be repeated.

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30 thoughts on “Cosmetic Mystery

  1. Wow! Look at all of her hair! She looks so much older than the last time I saw her. They change so fast, don't they?

  2. Cute! I know it was wrong but cute none the less. I am amazed you caught the lipstick on the sippy cup. I wouldn't have been that observant at all.

  3. If you could bottle that cuteness you would make a fortune! Just wait till she cuts her hair. Abbie did it twice.

  4. OMG, this is adorable! I remember finding my lipstick on my daughter when she was youger, as well as all over the couch and her brand new outfit! Oh the joys of motherhood. Too funny…I did the same thing, grabbed the camera! *LOL*

    My WW ~ How to tell it's going to be a bad day

  5. Uh oh! You either start start sharing your lipstick (and other cosmetics!) with her or lock them away. :) Adorable!

  6. Wow, that is a very impressive heart on the nose! Kariya found some lipgloss the other day and by the time I found her half the tube was smeared up and down both arms and both legs!

  7. That is too cute. She is adorable! She will definitely be breaking into mom's makeup stash again!

  8. The color looks really good on her! That is pretty amazing that she made a perfect lipstick heart on her nose!

  9. haha! too funny! It's bad enough to find lipstick marks on your man's shirt, but on your toddler's sippy cup! Scandalous!

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