How to Use Essential Oils: A Step-By-Step Guide.

1. You will receive your first (and second, third, and four hundredth) introduction to Essential Oils via your favorite social network – most likely Facebook. This glorious day in your life will occur when you happen to mention any form of personal discomfort. A headache, scabies, a sword wound, or split ends. If the stars […]

35 Things to Do in Birmingham.

I’ve lived in Birmingham my entire life. Seriously – even college. The longest I’ve ever been away from this city was six weeks at the age of 16 when I went overseas. As a kid, Birmingham was clearly a dying city. My parents told stories of what it once was, but it was impossible to […]

Slightly Off Target.

Dear Target, I love you. I really do. I adore your wide aisles, your children’s clothes and shoes, your lack of Walmartian bedlam, your maternity camisoles that actually go over a pregnant belly unlike Motherhood Maternity’s which don’t make it past a gestating ribcage, your pleasingly geometric notebooks and bedspreads and various other pretty things, […]

Innerspace: The Story of my Colonoscopy.

Disclosure: By not closing out your browser window now, you are acknowledging and taking full responsibility for any mental or physical repercussions you may experience from reading the content contained herein. I’ve never noticed how much the line art in my blog background looks like intestines. Have you? So I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy […]

Big Bang Theory MBTI Chart.

I can’t stop. Making and discussing the Downton Abbey MBTI Chart was so much fun that I decided to give my other favorite television show a try, The Big Bang Theory. (Despite my fears that there wouldn’t be enough introverted types to go around for such a geekfest of a show.) (But in fact, there […]

Downton Abbey MBTI Chart.

There’s one for Star Wars, and one for Harry Potter. But alas, no MBTI personality chart for Downton Abbey. Not one to shy away from helping out in the need for Downton Abbey graphics, I felt it was my duty to step in and solve this problem. I pondered each character, researched the personality types, […]

Moist: The Interview.

A couple of months ago, I mentioned my favorite graffiti sighting in Birmingham, Moist. I have an appreciation for well-written, non-obscene graffiti, and found it to be rather brilliant that someone would take the most hated and eye-catching word in the human language and use it for their tag. Consequently, I keep an eye out […]

Have a Happy Vasectomy.

Disclaimer: My husband and I created this post to be a public service for the world. However, you know the topic of this post, so if you feel it might offend you, feel free to move along. Otherwise, read at your own risk.   1. Pay no attention to the hobbling, saddle-sore gentleman leaving the […]
75 Ways to Get Guilted on Facebook.

75 Ways to Get Guilted on Facebook.

This list started months ago as a text vomit stream between my friend Ashley and me. And we decided that the world should be allowed into our heads. How can Facebook give you a Guilt Trip? Let us count the ways. 1. By buying organic. It’s too expensive and you’re selfishly robbing money for your […]

Noah’s Fashion Pointers: Volume One.

For a two-year-old boy, Noah has very strong opinions about fashion, especially since his sister at two didn’t seem to be aware that she was even wearing clothes. But my son’s tastes are exquisite, specific, and a non-negotiable. As such, I decided to let him have his own video column to share his wisdom. So […]