Because Everybody Needs a Hero.

Every city needs a hero.

Every mother in every city needs a hero.

And sometimes, it greatly helps to fantasize that the very person causing half her angst is.




That he’s been around since the beginning, quietly watching over shoulders, fixing problems and savings lives.

Very Beginning

No, the very beginning.

Very Very Beginning b

No! The Very Very Beginning!

Very Very Very Beginning

He hangs out in the shadows and fog,

At the Bluff

Guarding the city…

At the Castle

Patrolling the alleyways…

Courtyard Spidey

And giving power to the brave.

Flying Spidey

Sure, he has a tough side.

Spidey in Asheville

A side of which not everyone might approve.

Graffiti Spidey

But he’s also got a soft heart. He’s a superhero who appreciates beauty and art.

Fashion Week Spiderman

He stands in the gates,

In the Gate

He stands on the water,

In the Lake

He stands on the wall,

On the Wall

He scales buildings,

City Spidey

He straddles buildings,

Spiderman Straddling Buildings

And yes – he might even hop a train every now and then.

I am That Hero

All in the name of watching over his city and its inhabitants.

Spidey Vulcan

But he doesn’t just stay in one place – no superhero does.

He travels from warmest shore…

San Diego Spiderman

To coldest shore.

Spidey Icy Beach

And if you look carefully enough, you might even be able to see him from the sky.

Spiderman From the Plane






The Top of the Rock

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  1. you crack me up! though i think there should have been a thomas picture in there with the train part! :) I can see why Noah very very much liked this post!

  2. Trudi Burner says:

    Your very own Super Noah!! Jealous!!! Happy Easter! He is Risen!

  3. So funny! Excited that Birmingham has its own Barefoot Wonder! Such a cute li’l guy.

  4. kitty engle says:

    Awwww one of my favorites. A real super hero. Now if you can just teach him how to put his clothes back on after a potty visit. Oops, people probably should not know that side of a super hero.

  5. Haha, how do you come up with this stuff??

  6. I love this post!

  7. Your photography, photoshop and blogging skills are phenomenal! I’m so glad to have found your blog! We should do lunch sometime when I’m in the Magic City.

  8. And your son is precious!!!

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