We’re fine – thanks for all who checked in on us!  It seems that Alabama made it through last night’s round of tornadoes relatively unscathed. Mississippi was not as fortunate – we are praying for the families in Louisville and Tupelo. There’s another round coming through both states this afternoon, so we’ll be back in the basement having a party in just a little while. But in the meantime, today’s post…

Noah was quite jealous when he found out that Ali got a three minute vlog opportunity yesterday.


So he wanted to add his own RIGHT. AWAY.

First, he had some potty-training realizations that he wanted to share.

And second, he wanted to show the world this very real* method of parenting that I use on a daily basis.

* The technique is real, and the recording of the “punishment” is real, but the demands are a reenactment. (Hence the smiling undertones.) Real demands are MUCH whinier.


Okay. He’s feeling better now. How about you?

Added Feature: The Ask, with me cut out, per Robin’s request:

8 thoughts on “Noah Steps Up.

  1. Please, please, please edit that last video together so it looks like the one you did for Jamie! (I still keep calling everyone “Lovely”)

  2. I love this!!. When my children whine I refuse to give in. I do my best to stay calm, and make them ask in a normal tone voice. I will definitely add in the “dearest mother” and “I want to give you a kiss”. Sadly though my almost 6 year old doesn’t want to kiss me anymore.

  3. So funny. I kept thinking how much he looks Ali in this video…a very masculine poop-obsessed Ali. Haha :) Glad you guys are ok. I saw your FB posts last night before I went to bed. I was totally wanting to move down there (for the warm weather and all) and then I remembered why I like living here. I don’t know if I could live through one of your Tornado seasons! Will be praying for you tonight as the next round comes.

  4. that was the sweetest thing! I must try that technique when Jake gets further along with his speech.

  5. Love it! Your children are so adorable and make me smile! Pure innocence! :-) Thanks for sharing all your funny moments!

  6. Oh my gosh. First off the photo of the crinkled face is adorable/hilarious! :) And I love your parenting method, I’m so adding the darling mother and the kiss. That’s priceless. I’m glad to see my kids aren’t the only ones wiping my kisses from their face!!

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