Noah Memes Business.

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Noah Memes Dinner


Noah Memes Naptime


Noah Memes Juice


Noah Memes Diapers


Noah Memes Mommy


Noah Memes Happy Meal


Noah Memes Toys


Noah Memes Teething


Noah Memes Cauliflower


Noah Memes Grading


Noah Memes the Internet


Noah Memes Pottytraining


Noah Memes Roaches

Noah, In Memes: Deuce.

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Noah on Barbie


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Noah on Dinner


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Noah on Jealousy


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Noah on Quality Time


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Noah on Smells


Noah on Smock


Noah on Stashing


Noah on Table Manners


Noah on Undercover


Noah on Pickup Lines

Welcome to America, Season Three.

The long-awaited time has come.  Downton Abbey Season Three starts in America on Sunday.  Or, if you’re like me and have been pretending to be British, Season Three just ended.

But no worries –  I will offer no spoilers.  I won’t even update my graphic until you’re caught up – because I’m nice like that.

However, I did happen to take notice of something this season: there are a good number of parallels with another oft-watched show in our household.

In fact, I suspect that Downton might be a complete knock-off.

I present to you my evidence:

Sir Topham Hatt and Lord Grantham

Mrs Hatt and Lady Crawley

Sodor and England


That Thomas.  He's a Cheeky One.

That Thomas.  He’s the cheeky one.