Welcome to America, Season Three.

The long-awaited time has come.  Downton Abbey Season Three starts in America on Sunday.  Or, if you’re like me and have been pretending to be British, Season Three just ended. But no worries –  I will offer no spoilers.  I won’t even update my graphic until you’re caught up – because I’m nice like that. […]

The Day Little Tykes Failed Me.

I promised a weekly-ish homeschooling post for a while-ish.  (Last week was my off week, so it doesn’t count.)  This week, I decided to share a typical fail.  Because fails are just as common as successes, and I don’t want anyone thinking otherwise. My dear sweet husband bought a used Little Tykes slide and car […]

A Revisit to The Willpower Experiment.

You know that bizarre phenomenon where you go to bed thinking “I’ve got to get up at 6 AM tomorrow”, and then you wake up, with no alarm, at 5:59? Or does that just happen to me? (Not recently, obviously – my baby alarm goes off EVERY morning before I’m ready to get up.) Last […]

On Grasping Reality…or Not.

A couple of weeks ago, Ali asked me.. “Mommy – are fireflies real?” “Of course they are, sweetie!” ..but then I got to thinking about it, and it totally made sense.  We hadn’t been outside late enough this year to see any, and if I were her, which one seems more realistic – a bug […]

odds and friends

The title is supposed to be a play off of “odds and ends” but I don’t know if it will come off that way in anyone’s head but my own. Punny titles. Always a risk. Anyway. . . . Friends are fun. So it is fun to blog about them and the things they do […]