Noah Memes on Cake


Noah Memes on Blowouts


Noah Memes on Cradles


Noah Memes on Birthdays


Noah Memes on Eggs


Noah Memes on Getting His Way


Noah Memes on Kissing


Noah Memes on Drinking


Noah Memes on Cow Milk


Noah Memes on Mustaches


Noah Memes on Fevers


Noah Memes on Odors


Noah Memes on Paci Usage


Noah Memes on Finding Milk


Noah Memes on Pants


Noah Memes on Pooping His Pants


Noah Memes on Bathing


Noah Memes on Veggie Tales


Noah Memes on Weight Loss

The sequel can be found here.

30 thoughts on “Noah, in Memes.

  1. Thanks for the much needed laugh. My personal favorites: “you mean to tell me you want me to start drinking from a cup” and “It’s ok that you haven’t bathed me in 6 1/2 days but I am about to give you a reason to”.

  2. We experienced the incident described by picture #2 (how appropriate) yesterday morning. We made it 7.5 months without a blowout of that magnitude, so I guess we were due for one!

  3. You are so much better at capturing expressions than I am! I think once Benjamin started smiling I quit settling for any picture he wasn’t smiling in. I’ll try to be less selective now!

    1. I was like that with Ali at first, too, but then I realized that I ended up treasuring the “outtakes” more than the perfect shots. There’s something about catching their true expressions – all of them – that is intoxicating.

  4. How do you get these expressions?? How many cameras do you use?? Everytime I try to click my boy.. first i have to run behind me and try all ways of getting him to look at the camera.. and when he finally does, he puts on a Chandler-face and looks all cool and composed as if im the nut here…
    Way too cute!

    1. I take thousands of photos, and get a couple good ones every now and then!! I usually have to trick the little one into looking at me. It’s a tough job! :)

  5. OH. EM. GEE.

    I think I just died. At about the third meme there, I was like, this is too much goodness. It has to stop. But the funny just KEPT coming and KEPT coming and by the end, I could barely breathe. I’m totally sharing this on my blog’s facebook page. Thank you for the laughs, no thank you for the hurty-face-from-too-much-laughter.

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