All You Need to Know About Project Runway.

Project Runway Season 10

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  1. No wonder the models look so grumpy…

  2. I thought models were supposed to be attractive.

  3. Wow. They look awful!

  4. I could not focus on the clothes for all that nonsense. Between the eyebrows and all that silver foil in the hair, I realized that being “fashion-forward” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’ll just stay behind the times…

  5. this cannot be for real can it?! did you change it rachel?!

  6. Yay! Are big eyebrows coming back? I never learned to pluck.

  7. Hey rachel, this me commenting. I only recently feel in love with PR… Though was not I’m love with a lot of the final projects for the finale! Oh well, it was fun to watch people do a craft so incredibly well.


  9. Crazy! This was his answer to making his models look “younger and more modern.” Umm, that is zero young and modern women I know. (this is my one tv indulgence, love it!)

  10. Are they supposed to look like Lord of the Rings elf people? Wow! More content with my “mommy” look…minus the bad jeans at least!

  11. What…the…heck??? Those look like my eyebrows before I learned how to pluck ’em.

  12. Deedy Zannis Rafford says:

    I liked the bizarre Fabio. He seemed to be comfortable in himself. I completely concur on the eyebrows. BAAAAAADDDDD.

  13. Shelly Lyon says:

    Those poor women look like the “befores” on What Not To Wear:/

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