In a huge announcement of unprecedented importance, Jell-O proclaimed that they were releasing University of Alabama Jell-O Molds.

(Along with molds for 22 other Universities, but I’m positive none of them took it nearly as seriously as Alabama fans.)

Because I love my husband and I’m a sucker for a good Jell-O mold, I immediately went to my personal shopper (named Amazon) and bought a set for my family.

University of Alabama Jell-O Molds 6

However, my purchase was made amidst great state controversy.

Not only was this exciting news for football fans, it was also exciting news for the Alabama political machine. Because, you see, at least one lobbyist immediately condemned these Jell-O molds for fear that they would encourage underage drinking.

Yes, drinking.

I would like to say a few things to this lobbyist.

1. I’ve seen a lot of people slurp down Jell-O shots on Alabama Football gamedays. A LOT. And not a single one of them was actually a *student* at the university. In fact, most were over 50 and probably never even attended the University. Perhaps your concern might also extend to Alabama Football Fans with no educational ties to the University?

2. “I wasn’t going to drink while underage, but now that there are Jell-O molds for my University, well, that changes everything!”, said no college student ever.

3. Silly Lobbyist, Jell-O Molds are for Kids. Err, kids too young for underage drinking, that is.

To prove it, I present to you, my children.

There’s nothing my kids enjoy more than preparing for a Football Party, so I gave them the beautiful new Jell-O molds. Because football is upon us, y’all.

I wanted to delve into all the ways these molds could be used, so I bought chocolate, my favorite candy melts, and had the Jell-O that came with the molds. I also figured we could use the molds to create ice cubes.

There were two molds, which were apparently quite stuck together.

University of Alabama Jell-O Molds 1

But that did not deter the palpable excitement in my home.

University of Alabama Jell-O Molds 2

Okay no really. Were they superglued??

University of Alabama Jell-O Molds 3

Noah even got in on the action. At least in moral support.

University of Alabama Jell-O Molds 4

Finally, my daughter found the strength within herself to pull them apart.

University of Alabama Jell-O Molds 5

They wanted to start with candy melts, and I didn’t blame them – it’s the purest form of sugar, and it seems to travel straight to the blood stream.

Using Melting Candy with Children

It can even be absorbed straight through fingers!

Using Melting Candy with Children 2

We melted and poured, then dropped the mold on the countertop a few dozen times to beat out the bubbles.

Uses for University of Alabama Jell-O molds

After refrigeration, they came out beautifully, although next time I will fill the molds halfway to prevent the messy bottoms and make the serving size of straight sugar a little less coma-inducing.

University of Alabama Candy 2

Next came Jell-O.

I’m always amazed at how quickly Jell-O cooks, as opposed to my childhood when it seemed to take five lifetimes.

Noah, however, did not agree.

University Jell-O Molds 1

He aged fifteen years in that two minutes.

University Jell-O Molds 2

While we’re waiting for a boiling point, let’s talk about the background of my picture, also known as Random Clutter on Rachel’s Kitchen Table (RCoRKT).

What's in the Background

A: Two pairs of Noah’s Toms (my hypocrisy grows daily) and my running knee braces. Because that’s what belongs on chairs.
B: Running Socks. Hopefully just washed and laid out to dry, but there’s no guarantee that they hadn’t been sweat in.
C: Sunblock. Which is puzzling since I nearly never sunblock my children. Because hey – skin grows back, right?
D: A really unique sunset canvas. There’s this site where you can get one of your own…or use it as an excuse to come see me in person!
E: An Underwear Chart. Need I say more?

You’re welcome.

The water finally boiled, and Ali immediately volunteered to stir in the Jell-O. Noah, meanwhile, had moved onto other pursuits.

Making Jell-O with Children 1

But he’s never one to turn down a chance to splash and spill hot liquid, so he did take his turn.

Making Jell-O with Children 2

We pulled out our Lego and Magic Wand molds and filled nearly everything we had.

Making Jell-O with Children 3

The Jell-O came out just as beautifully as the candy, albeit harder to photograph.

University of Alabama Jell-O 1

University of Alabama Jell-O 2

And, although we haven’t melted our chocolate yet or made our ice cubes, we’re ready for tomorrow.

University of Alabama Candy and Jell-O

Because really, snacks are football’s redeeming value.

To some of us.

Disclosure: Jell-O did not sponsor me or this post. Nor did lobbyists, Alabama Football, or children. Okay – maybe the kids did. They did get a lot of sugar out of it, after all.

14 thoughts on “How to Properly Use Alabama Jell-O Molds.

  1. Is it odd that both of my children can not stand jello? I loved making jello jiggler eggs at Easter. Nope, they almost gag at the sight. One of these kids downs radishes by the bag full and the other just jumped with excitement when I showed her I bought some naked juice green smoothie. They do like sweets though..

  2. Ali has the best facial expressions! Her “anticipation” face while waiting for the water to boil was too cute.

    After I read your post, I had to do a quick check to see if Amazon had University of Kentucky Jello-O molds as well. And they did not, which is probably a poor marketing decision on Jell-O’s part. Football season is not such a huge deal around here, but these people go NUTBALL for anything with UK on it come basketball season.

  3. **sigh** my Gamecocks received a beat down last night and I’m less than thrilled with the start of football season. And…. After a quick search, Jello does not offer these molds in SC Gamecock variety. Boo on you Jell-O.

  4. Oh. My. Gosh!!! I am sitting up in bed (if you define “sitting up” as leaning back against 5 pillows) watching the glorious start-of-my-day Penn State/UCF game and just yelled “OH MY GOSH!!” to startle my husband …. I saw these Jell-o molds and thought, “cool, but who eats jigglers? They taste like aolid Jell-o skin!”

    Obviously I am wrong. I am willing to try them again.

    But chocolate?! CHOCOLATE?!

    Why did I not think of that?!

    You are brilliant. I am going to contact my personal shopper right here from bed and get me some Alabama Jell-o molds.

    Thank you!

    (Yes, we share a personal shopper… only because I am totally stealing that idea!)

  5. I’m just sad that there’s no Kansas schools. I’d prefer WSU, but would have even taken KU or K-State in a bind. I just really like Jello/candy molds so I’m tempted to buy one of the schools that has animal molds just for fun.

  6. Thanks so much for this post. I was hoping candy melts and chocolate would work-much better than jello (of course it will melt quickly on game days this month!) Rpll Tide!

  7. This is an old post but I came across it b/c I was trying to find out if Jell-o molds would work for melted Chocolate and Candy :) Thanks for showing me they can!

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