Finding Millie: The Diary Project.

Chris’ Grandmother, Millie, was a tiny precious woman that I met when she was already quite advanced in age. She was always kind to me, and I liked her very much. I think she liked me, too, as I provided her, at 90 years old, with her first great-grandchild. She met Ali just a couple […]

Smells Like Tween Spirit.

My daughter is tall – like 90th percentile tall. She’s always been tall. And we’re not quite sure why. Lately her tallness has been catching us off guard – if Chris takes a picture of her, I flip out a little on the inside at how old she looks. If I take a picture […]

Suggestions Required.

My mind has been busy with two things lately, and I need some input. So pick your specialty, or chime in on both. 1. Orlando 2. The Bedroom. (Sounds fascinating, no?) First. Orlando: So we are planning a short trip to Orlando in July. It’s kinda last minute, and it’s kinda during the worst time […]

Hipsters: A Quest for Truth.

It always makes me feel old to admit that I don’t understand a cultural phenomenon. Whether it’s music, fashion, or pop culture (I’m talking to you, Ke$ha,) I worry that I’m out of vogue if I just can’t comprehend it. For quite some time now, I’ve felt that way about the title of “Hipster.” It’s […]

Things By Which I Puzzle.

The phase “I’m an outdoors person.” If so, then why do we refer to it in terms of not being inside of doors, which came…kinda…secondary? Advertisements that proclaim “ENTIRE STORE UP TO 40% OFF!!!” make me have the following thought process: UP to 40% off? How many items, exactly, are actually 40% off, and how […]

Zulily: The Burning Questions.

I do love me some Zulily. Half of Ali’s summer wardrobe, including her Easter dress, arrived via Zulily. Every morning, I fit it into my routine to peek around at the day’s sales before my miniature tenants wake up. Besides the benefit of getting to shop the best deals for both me and the kids, […]

Daily Exercise Log: Mommy.

3am: Jumping out of bed from dead sleep to go comfort crying baby: 10 calories burned. 3:05am: Jumping out of bed again to give crying baby a paci, praying feverishly that it sticks this time while imagining inventing elastic ear loops to hold the stinkin’ paci in: 10 calories burned. 4am: Jumping out of bed […]

Relief Updates…and…Couponing Advice Needed!

I’ve been able to share about some new Tornado relief options on two other blogs lately, so I wanted to update here as well. And I know that I’m talking a LOT about our tornadoes right now – I hope you’ll understand and bear with me – but that’s quite simply our life right now.  […]

Insect Identity Crisis.

Last week, we went to Aldridge Botanical Gardens with Ashley, AJ, and Tessa.  We had a lovely time letting the kids run around the gardens, eating lunch, and feeding the embarrassingly large mound of stale bread I had to thousands of fish, dozens of turtles, and one oddly alone Canadian Goose. I also embarrassed my […]

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Pacifiers!

Nancy Drew is called in to solve a startlingly shocking crime… The Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Pacifiers. The Case: A ridiculously stunning number of OVER TEN pacifiers have gone missing, without explanation, in just three weeks!!  It’s like taking candy from a baby. Except they’re pacifiers.  But that’s basically baby candy.  Oh – the […]