Nancy Drew is called in to solve a startlingly shocking crime…

The Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Pacifiers.

The Case: A ridiculously stunning number of OVER TEN pacifiers have gone missing, without explanation, in just three weeks!!  It’s like taking candy from a baby.
Except they’re pacifiers.  But that’s basically baby candy.  Oh – the cruelty!!  The hallways are full of empty mouths and cries for Justice to be served!!

The Client: Noah – a three week old who desperately needs his pacifiers returned, as soon as possible.  He issues a menacing warning that if they aren’t returned in PRISTINE CONDITION (no bite marks please), life could get pretty uncomfortable for his cohabitants.

The Suspects:

Oreo: A rather untrustworthy feline that is known to chew on rubber items – see Exhibit A for evidence of her rubber penchant.  She could possibly be sneaking away with the missing items in the night, when all non-nocturnal residents are asleep, and stashing them in a small spot only passable by creatures under 10 pounds.


Ali: A four year old who was only recently weaned from her own naptime paci.  The theory is that having them in the house was potentially too much temptation for her to bear.  If found guilty, she may need to be sent to Paci Rehab – I’m sure they have that available somewhere in Malibu.

Chris: The baby-daddy. He has most certainly outgrown the paci, but could possibly picking up the habit again to help chill from the stress of having a new baby, dealing with a post-partum wife, and having multiple work deadlines all coming due during said new-baby-time.  Nancy may need to do a reconnaissance mission to his office to check all of his desk drawers.

Rachel: A still-recovering-from-birth-and-various-side-effects Mom, possibly guilty of simply misplacing the missing items in obscure places like the freezer, the sock drawer, or even the toilet.  Nancy will need to make a list of everywhere a Paci doesn’t go and check those locations.  Also, a video system to monitor suspect’s half-sleepwalking, half-awake middle-of-the-night Noah feedings might lend more evidence to her possible role in the disappearance of the items.

Can Nancy Solve the Case??

Or will one of the guilty-feeling suspects break down and purchase more pacifiers?

Will Nancy end up in mortal danger – possibly being dive-bombed by a protective cat or sleep-injured by a known-to-be-dangerous sleepwalker?

Will Noah’s pacifying needs ever be satiated?

Only time will tell… in the Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Pacifiers!

18 thoughts on “Nancy Drew and the Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Pacifiers!

  1. Our kiddos pacis were hidden by none other than THEMSELVES! When we tried to wean Lauren, she kept coming up with one for WEEKS. Girlfriend apparently had a stash somewhere and just got another one when we took one from her. It took like 2 months to get rid of them all!!

    A good way that we found to discover some though was to talk through the house announcing that “today we will be going to the store and purchasing more pacis.” And then they would show up EVERYWHERE! This works best if you walk in the door holding a new package though… :-)

  2. I think our house eats Colton’s paci’s….we are down to 1 after having 5 at Christmas! If this one ends up missing we will be in trouble!

  3. I’m sorry, but there is NO way a cat did that to your shoes…right??? If so, I think you have more of a problem than disappearing paci’s. ;)

  4. My bet is on Oreo. Our Bengal chewed up over a dozen of Hailie’s bottle nipples. We had to keep the lids on the bottles at all times and dry the nipples in a locked cupboard.

  5. I bet one of your Christmas guests took them. You forget that was only last Saturday for us and that adds alot of suspects to your list. You didn’t know Saturday I told Leo I wish I was 4 again.

  6. Oh I wish I could send you a few, I think we got something like a couple dozen at Landon’s 4 showers :) Those Crocs are cracking me up! That’s some artwork right there! Actually looks like a mouse had a hand in it! Good luck!

  7. That is amazing about the Crocs. Did that make the cat sick? How does she pass all that plastic?????

    I am thinking it could be all of the above. And I have read all the Nancy Drew books. And really wanted to be her. So I am an expert.

    And I agree, the best way to find the lost ones is to buy some new ones. It never fails.

    Now, I want to go find some of Abbie’s Nancy Drew books and start reading….

  8. I vote for the cat. (Those Crocs are hard evidence.) And you. I think that you sleep walk and have tug-of-wars with the cat in the middle of the night. Poor Noah – that’s just cruel. (Is your cat really named Oreo? So’s my sister’s.)

  9. Sounds like it’s time to invest in a paci clip! Our little Boaz has a pipe-shaped one, knitted by a friend, with the bowl at the clip end and the stem at the paci end. This way, at least he looks dignified with the paci in his mouth.

  10. I don’t know how you keep up with all your writing in your sleep-deprived state… do we still have to “stay tuned” or did you find them?

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