So Ladies.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I asked Siri about the specifics, and she reported duly:


And, you know, I’m not all about encouraging Mothers to be selfish and to demand what is theirs and all, but MOTHER’S DAY IS OURS.

I’m not sure which is better: having children too young to understand the gravity of the situation and therefore being dependent on their father to ensure proper giftage from said unappreciative children, or having children old enough to understand their duties on such a momentous occasion and then smelling the scent of obligation on their breath.

But whichever it is, I do hope that you get what you want this year.

Not what they think you want (bunny-headed house slippers,) but what you really want (diamonds or gold or the finest of all materials, a period of solitude.)

So this year, I know what I want, and I decided that the best way to get it would be to put it out there and hope my husband reads it.

(Actually he’ll probably ask what I want and on his sixth or thirteenth inquiry I’ll finally tell him what I want but I felt the need to share in my moment of complete self-absorbedness with all of you first.)

So we’ll just have a little Mommycentric Party together and tell the world what we really want.

(What we really really want.)

So I’ll tell you what I want.

(What I really really want.)

I want the boxed set of The Big Bang Theory.

(Or at least the first five seasons. The sixth season is currently too expensive on its own for me to justify it as part of my gift – it’s is JUST Mother’s Day, after all.)

(If Mother’s Day had a Santa Claus, he’d say I’d been good, but not that good.)

Although we’ve caught episodes here and there over the years, Chris and I just truly plugged into the show for the past couple of months, and I’ve been living in a world of pining for more Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Amy, Bernadette and Raj ever since.

(But not Wolowitz. No one should pine for Wolowitz.)

So we’ve been watching multiple TBS-DVRed episodes a night, but they’re all out of order and…I want to experience it like it was meant to be experienced, first five episodes that were out of character for Sheldon and all.

Because there has never been a show that our geeky souls has more related to – especially to the closet ST:TNG fan that resides in both of us.

And you simply cannot be a fan of an OCD show without watching it in an OCD, in-order fashion – It’s just not right.

(And because Downton Abbey has so completely crushed my soul and trampled my heart that I need a new show to love me.)

The Big Bang Theory boxed set has been sitting in my Amazon Shopping Cart for weeks now, but I haven’t mustered up the courage to do that last one-click.

So that’s what I want, and hey – it benefits my husband, too, because I’m not the only one who loves that show.

Oh – and the last few bags of my most amazing and fantastic find of the year, Easter Edition White Chocolate M & M’s, wouldn’t be too bad of an add-on, either.

(I just ordered two bags so who knows how few are left. The sooner the better.)

So tell me what you want.

(What you really really want.)

And then leave this blog post up on your computer for your husband to accidentally happen upon.

(Or give me his email address and I’ll send him a copy.)

But there’s one rule: don’t go saying something like “Oh, I’ll just be happy with all of the handmade cards from my kids and burnt breakfast in bed – motherhood itself is enough of a gift for me!”, because that’s just totally unnecessary and caustically vitriolic against my own Momentary Mother’s Day Selfishness.

So. I’m waiting. What do you want?

75 thoughts on “What A Mommy Wants.

  1. I would love a day to do absolutely nothing but sit in my bed and read books and drink coffee. But, it would have to come with an explicit order that I also NOT feel guilty about doing it! :)

  2. Oooh! Big Bang Theory box set would be a great gift for me (us) as well. We’ve not been fans from the beginning, either, and I have no idea which ones I missed, so the solution, of course, is to watch them all over again in order.

    I really, really want a new storage shed. Ours was made of Rubbermaid and fell apart. With no door, it does no good at keeping the elements away. AJ’s bike and scooter live in my trunk to keep them from being totally rusted – we have no basement, garage, or carport. I would love, love, to have a place to keep outside things and regain the full use of my vehicle. Of course the Mother’s Day Santa may say I haven’t been that good either.

    He’s probably going to say I haven’t been good enough for that emerald and diamond ring I just pinned, either.

    I’ve been pointing out things to AJ, who, at age 5, is usually consulted in gift giving matters. I told her I could use an as-seen-on-tv Chillow. I’ve mentioned that we need new knives. I was thinking about our falling-apart towels this morning and both your post on your 11th anniversary as well as the legendary Bloggess’ post on what ended up being about Beyonce the big metal chicken, and decided that I should probably get around to buying towels myself this year. I need new clothes, shoes, etc. A retreat at Ross Bridge sounds better than anything, even a DVD box set. Designer jeans? A massage? Maid service? Babysitting that doesn’t depend on my parents? Time to write a bunch of blog posts in advance? Dinner at a place I haven’t been but drive past each day (Ocean, Metro Prime)? Yes, I would love all of these things.

    Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

  3. When I had my surgery this past fall, instead of flowers work got me the 1st five seasons of BBT. Even though I had seen most of them at one point or another, it was still awesome to watch them back to back. (Although, the episodes with Pria annoy me. Less due to the lack of Leonard / Penny interaction and more due to that lead to a lack of Sheldon / Penny interaction … )

  4. I would love to be able to sleep in (lightest sleeper in the world so probably won’t happen), have a hot starbucks waiting for me with some sort of awesome pastry on the side, flowers (white lilies if you don’t mind), 3 beads to complete my Chamilia bracelet and maybe an afternoon massage. Oh wait, did you only want ONE gift idea?

  5. I’d like Mother’s Day to be about what I want, not what MIL & SIL want. They have grown children and I have young ones therefore I’ve had fewer Mother’s Days so it should be about me! :) Really I’d like a little “me” time… maybe a massage or a pedi.

    1. D – You are speaking my language! :) Every Mother’s Day we have to get together with my MIL. Even last Mother’s Day when I had given birth to my daughter literally 3 days before and it was my first full day at home (AND I had a C-Section AND a 4 year old boy).

      My MIL wants to be treated like a queen, completely oblivious to the fact that I, too, am a mother!

  6. I love the Big Bang Theory. I have all of them on dvd I think. If you don’t get it I can lend them to you. I didn’t think I would like it at first but it is adorable except like you said Wolowitz, no one should go near Wolowitz. Although some the funnier newer episodes involve him (I don’t want to spoil it in case you haven’t seen them). I know a few Sheldon’s, and Leonards.

    I am not a Mom so I have no requests but if there was a day for Awesome Aunt’s I would want Game of Thrones box set dvd’s. I have started reading the books and I am hooked. Now I want to see the show.

  7. A day to not do anything. Stay home and hang out with my family without cooking, cleaning, potty training, etc. Read a book, watch tv, maybe take a nap in there somewhere. I would love a simple relaxing day without responsibilities.
    Or if my husband insists on a physical gift, I always keep my amazon wish list updated, then just tell him to take his pick. It works out well for both of us.

  8. Am I a bad mother to say what I want is a day without my children?

    But here is the hard part — I want it at home. I don’t want to go to a hotel and sleep in a strange bed and schlep all my books and knitting and snacks with me.

    So I want them (age 2, 4, 8) + hubby to go to a hotel, without me. Heck, I’d take the day, from 9am-7pm. And no guilt (not from me, from DH)

    1. You are not a bad mother at all. It looks like about 90% of mothers want that exact same thing. Clearly, the holiday has been billed wrong far too long.

      And yes – Mommy Guilt is always of my own doing, too! It’s ridiculous.

  9. Ooo, I LOVE Big Bang Theory too! Hey, if you miss Downton, you should check out PBS Mr. Selfridge. It’s based off of a true story, and wow, I’m so hooked! You can watch all the episodes (I think there’s three out now?) on the website.

  10. I want a pedicure and a shopping trip, or at least money for the shopping trip.

    My ultimate, never-gonna-happen wish is for a professional organizer to come help me get my home in order.

    1. Well, we DO have celebrity organizers in town…which probably makes them more expensive than ever. Unless you could get cast for their television show…

  11. I love the Big Bang Theory! I was in a store yesterday that had a Sheldon bobble head, and Sheldon and Leonard plush toys. Have you seen the episode where the girls go to Disneyland? Too funny!

    It doesn’t matter what I want, cause I always get stuck going to breakfast with my inlaws, for my mother in law. :(

      1. Nope, not that one. The one where Penny, Bernadette and Amy go and dress up as princess’. It’s a more recent one so I won’t spoil it for you., But I think I laughed the entire episode, definitely my favorite!

  12. I would love 12 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. But since that wont ever happen, I’d settle for a garmin, but the fancy one with a touchscreen. In white. Not that I’m picky or anything… But runkeeper isn’t doing it for me anymore.

    Also, I love your gift request! My son is a little Sheldon, so I identify with it. I hope you get your wish, including season 6. :)

  13. Love BBT! Amy is my favorite. We just get them from Netflix. It’s kind of annoying to have to wait for them to come in the mail but T doesn’t like to watch things more than once so no need to buy. I would love the gift of a clean house that would not get dirty in 5 seconds. Seriously. That’s all I want! To not have to clean my house every second of every day and still have it constantly look like a hurricane went through. Please oh please!

    1. Yes, I SO wish they had it on instant netflix, but alas…they do not.

      And … best of luck with that wish. It sounds rather heavenly. And by heavenly, I mean impossible on this earth.

  14. A clean house and a day to myself. Without anyone uttering a “Mooooom, where is…?” and also “Mooom, he’s touching me/teasing me/breathing on me…” Yeah. That should do it.

    1. It’s amazing how all of us mothers actually want to *not* act in the role of Mother on Mother’s Day. I think that’s the ticket – we need to rename the holiday to “Mother’s Off Day.”

  15. My birthday is May 3rd so I’ve made it clear I want gift card to two specific stores for that and right after Mother’s Day we go to Disney World so I said I wanted to wait until we got there and get a bead for my Pandora bracelet.He does his best to make them two seperate events, it’s hard being so close together. Last year I requested a nap for Mother’s Day and I got it. An hour and half uninterruped in our room, door shut while he took the kids to play in the basement.

    Sometimes I feel high maintenance when I request specific things, then I remind myself we are living on one income and by golly I don’t want him wasting our money on something I don’t want or need,

  16. I want to make up my mind and finally plan the spa day that I was gifted at Christmas! I’ve only been waiting 4 months lol!

  17. I want to get my hair done and maybe a mani/pedi. More importantly, what I REALLY want is for someone to tell me what I want done with my hair.

  18. I just started work at Walgreens, and I am on my feet for 9 1/4 hours. All I want is a foot rub, a reallllly loooooooong foot rub. Preferably right now!

  19. I want someone else to buy or bake kind and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for the 5 grandmothers and great-grand mothers in our lives, then dress my children in their Sunday best and take them to visit the 4 grandmas close by (and call the one who lives in FL), while also keeping the children clean, happy, and well-behaved. I want all of this to happen while I sit in a clean house in my pjs reading a good book or watching some totally sappy girly movie by myself.

  20. The last few Mother’s Days I have spent several days buying cards and gifts, cleaning house and cooking for celebrations for my mother and my mother-in-law. I was too tired to care about any self-celebration. I like Shelley’s idea of guilt-free coffee and reading in bed, maybe with a chocolate croissant. Bonus would be real flowers- not a practical rose bush or hanging basket, but a mix of cut flowers that includes roses, lilies and those cute little green pom pom stems. Can I be selfish and ask to have all my children worshiping in the same pew together with me with good attitudes? A true Mother’s Day dream!

  21. I want to go buy a new outfit (including shoes!) without getting asked how much for every item and do I REALLY need it?

  22. A perfectly clean house, lots of my favorite food and drinks already prepared, several good books, and a day alone in the house. As in all day. And for someone to take my children on an exciting day out where I won’t have to feel the guilt of having them out of the house for that long. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

    1. Sounds perfect. It really is amazing that the best gift we can get is to have our Mommy Guilt somehow erased. Hard to do, but a gift indeed.

  23. I love Big Bang Theory, it’s my favorite show. It is the only show I’ll watch even if I’ve seen that episode – and I’ll even still laugh!

    For Mother’s Day I’d love a day with a friend. Shopping (and money to do it of course), lunch, pedicure, etc. And nobody clinging to my leg or whining about going potty!

    1. That sounds like fun, and if you find another Mother to do it with, you can say you’re doing it for THEIR Mother’s Day celebration, and they can say they’re doing it for YOURS, and no one has to feel guilty about it.

  24. I doubt this would happen and it would benefit both of us…someone to come and do all the remodeling for us. Or maybe at least the landscaping. Does anyone from HGTV read this blog?

    1. Yes, that would be a dream come true. Especially if they could get it done without interfering in your life at all?

      And no, I don’t think they do. Sorry!

  25. Oh my goodness, I loved reading everyone’s comments. I would be happy with everything said above.

    I’m still trying to figure out a nice way to say to my husband, “My perfect Mother’s Day does not include my children or you.”

    If my 11 month old would just start sleeping through the night finally, it would be the best gift ever!

    1. Yes, I said it above: the holiday should be called “Mother’s Off Day.” I got one of those last year (I was out of town for a blogger event on Mother’s Day) and although I did feel guilt about it, I REALLY enjoyed it.

  26. OMG I LOVE BIG BANG!!!! Ohhhhh, now I want that for Mother’s Day, too… Darn.. That? Or a bunch of fun Thirty-One stuff… hmmm..

    Oh, I would like to thank you for getting the Spice Girls song stuck in my head. I am now playing it on iTunes. Thanks ;) LOL

    Good times.

  27. We love the Big Bang Theory!! My Mom bought us the first 3 or 4 seasons and we’ve been hooked. Funniest show ever. I really have no idea what I would like for mother’s day, Actually – time to myself to work on some projects would be fabulous!

  28. My dream mother’s day would be sleeping in & then STAYING in bed & reading for a couple of hours only to get out to go get a massage/facial/manicure followed by dinner out so I don’t have to clean dishes! Ahhh! Oh & some yellow roses & a sweet card :-)

  29. Flowers (Daisies)……. cold pizza for breakfast……..Quiet….good book……quiet……..hugs and kisses from my kids & husband as they walk out the door! As others have stated massage to be used at a later date would be nice! Last year it was my husbands birthday, my MIL, & stepMIL were both visiting from out of town, this year stepMIL will be there! I also have Spice Girls stuck in my head now ugh “You gotta get with my friends” (heehee)
    Hope all you Mama’s have a fabulous Mother’s Day!!!!!

  30. Oh that show is absolutely awesome. The hubs calls it my “nerd show”… and ends up watching every episode with me, even though he “hates it”.

    So, Mother’s Day- I completely agree on the solitude thing. I really am such a nerd and would love nothing more than for him to take the kids for the whole day and let me go to my favorite yarn shop and sit in one of their big comfy chairs and crochet til my heart’s content. It’s a great hobby because you can put it down and pick it up whenever, but it would be so nice to start and finish a project all in one day!

  31. But… “What I really really really want is zig a zig AHH!” I so used to dance around my room to that song!

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