Downton Abbey MBTI Chart.

There’s one for Star Wars, and one for Harry Potter. But alas, no MBTI personality chart for Downton Abbey. Not one to shy away from helping out in the need for Downton Abbey graphics, I felt it was my duty to step in and solve this problem. I pondered each character, researched the personality types, […]

Know Your Downton Risk Status.

{Spoiler Alert – only continue reading if you’ve finished watching Downton Abbey Season Three, which ended in America on Sunday.} I felt it best to give you all a couple days of Downton Silence out of respect for your mourning. Because I know – I’ve been there. Since I hacked it and watched Season Three […]

Downton Abbey, Explained.

(Click to Enlarge) (Click here to see the new Season Three Graphic – How to tell if you’re at risk of dying unexpectedly on Downton Abbey.) Chris and I are in full mourning this week. Not just half mourning, as one would do for, say, a cousin, but full mourning, as one would do for […]