Hi, Noah here.


I really don’t have time to blog right now, because I’m busy preparing for Easter.


Looking at Pinterest on The Servant Who Calls Herself Mommy’s iPhone has me feeling all sorts of angst over her lack of holiday decorating skills, so I’ve decided to set off on doing it myself.


What. You don’t think I did all of this??


I see that doubt in your eyes.


And I’m disgusted by it.


You and your prejudices, thinking babies can’t be as artistically talented as full-sized people. It’s wrong, it’s ugly, and you should be ashamed.


But you know what’s even more impressive than my ability to draw eggs?

Oh yes – there’s more.


The fact that I didn’t use my hands – I used my butt.


So when you can draw dots, stripes, plaid, and chevrons with your backside, we’ll talk again.


7 thoughts on “Where Eggs Come From.

  1. Reading this on my phone, I thought at first he was sucking on a big piece of chalk (Ewww)

    We’re all about the chalk over here too now that the snow has melted! Mind you, yesterday it snowed and spoiled all the spring flowers that Elizabeth and her cousin had drawn (and I didn’t even get a picture!)

    We’ve never tried butt painting (don’t give them ideas!) but it takes a LOT of chalk and water to draw chalks with your feet, so tell that kid who is WAY too big to be Noah that I’m a bit skeptical…

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