Paint Chip Art

Something about Springtime makes me want to put away the math, the reading, and the spelling and just focus on art.

After all, the kid is barely five.  And at five, paint and glue and pretty colors earn me quite a few Awesomest Mommy Points.

(Besides the fact that I find it all rather cathartic myself.)

I have a huge deck of paint chips, compliments of Pelham Paint and Flooring with whom I’m working on a project and giveaway to share with you guys soon.  But this paint chip deck sitting around my house, just STARING at me, has been creating an unavoidable desire within me to embark on the journey of Paint Chip Art.

I started a board of paint chip ideas on Pinterest, then began brainstorming on simpler ideas so as to be able to include Ali.

We started small: A tree with fun flowers on it.  After all, it’s Springtime, and Ali lives for the opportunity to collect the myriad of weeds spectacular flowers out of our yard.

So we cut out circles.  Since I knew Ali was helping me and I myself am horrible at cutting in a circular path, I purposefully went for the not-so-perfect look:


We then matched up the large, medium, and small circles and glued them together.  I drew a tree for Ali, and she placed the flowers, with much intensive thought as to where they should go.


And amazingly, she did all of her placement analysis while calmly keeping Noah out of her art.


She’s a natural mother, that one.

Here was our first finished piece:

Paint Chip Flower Tree

And she was hooked.


So we expanded our tree concept and started over.  I painted a simple tree on canvas,


then we cut out more circles, and she helped me match up the circles and craft glue stick them together (we found that this worked much better than Elmer’s Glue).


After we glued all of our circles onto our tree, we glazed over the finished project with Mod Podge to help everything stay in place and be happy and shiny:

Paint Chip Tree

So.  Cutting our own circles was really fun, but then I discovered the craft punch aisle at Michaels.

I almost decided to just buy the store out, but reigned myself in and only got a circle punch and a few $1 bin punches.

We punched a ton of paint chips, and then I described an idea to Ali:

“What if we had all the big circles in the corner all close together, then the little shapes spread all over the picture like they were shooting out of it?”

She totally owned the idea and surprised me with how well she was able to translate it onto canvas.


For this project, we strictly used Mod Podge: We painted it onto the canvas to make our shapes stick, then painted it again over the top.  The edges still curled up a little, but we didn’t mind since we were going for the whole “shooting out of the picture” effect.


Here’s her finished piece:

Paint Chip Art

Luckily, she had a grandparent in mind for each of these art projects, which means that they’re blessedly not laying around the house, useless and unhung, like our Crayon Art is still doing.

(Instead, they’re hanging around a Grandparent’s house, useless and unhung.)


So next time you’re wandering around a home improvement store waiting on your husband, look like you know what you’re doing and stash a few paint chips away – they offer cheap therapy for you, hours of entertainment for your kid, and, if you play your cards right, awesome grandparent gifts.