Reluctantly Pinspired.

So.  Pinterest.

At first, I hated it.  For me, Pinterest equated to this BIG HUGE GIANT snowball o’ guilt.

In the early days of The World Domination of Pinterest, it appeared that it’s most common use was going to be for home decorating – to show all of these amazingly and perfectly coifed rooms with fabulous cohesion and, the most heinous part – NO GOOEY FINGERPRINTS ON THE WINDOW PANES.

Playrooms full of creative shelving, baskets and art installations, with nary a toy or book out of place…

Living rooms with no evidence whatsoever that children resided there…

And I am here to confess: I am not a decorator.  My house has the “well-used” and “conveniently disarrayed” look to it, as I loyally follow the theory of The Efficiency of Disarray.

And, although I’m typically comfortable with my lack of magazine-worthy decor, I can tend to get a bit judgmental of myself for my lack of performance in this area, start to try to be more decor-conscious, and then once again realize that I was simply not cut out of that particular piece of cloth.

So, I filed Pinterest under the “Pointing Out All My Flaws” file.

But then I started hearing about all of these fun kid projects.  And tasting samples of Pinterest-inspired recipes.  THESE are things I can get into!  So I began browsing Pinterest again, deliberately ignoring the heaping mounds of readily available home decor guilt.

My first dip in the Pinterest water was, naturally, chocolate.

This recipe for Deep, Dark, Fudgy, Chocolate Cookies (with no flour and no oil) drew me in and convinced me to increase my level of Pinterest Junkie to Level Three – one who doesn’t just look at the pretty pictures, but actually makes things based on what they see.

And I did make them.  And they were oh-my-goodness-good.

…even after I figured the calories so that we could enter them into Lose It – cutting out oil and flour is something I want to discover more ways to do.

My second project, the ever-famous melted-crayon project, was indirectly from Pinterest, via my friend Greta.  Ali is just a wee bit obsessed with the rainbow, so when I saw this, I knew how I would make her blissfully happy for the week.

So she lined up the crayons in rainbow order and we glued them on,


And then I got out the hairdryer.


And I have to say – I definitely benefitted from the fact that Ali still has a trace of hair dryer fear, because that meant I got to perform all heating, and making all of those colors melt down the canvas was a really good therapy session.

Ali lost interest in watching several minutes in, but I couldn’t help myself.  I kept melting, and melting, and melting…


Noah woke up from his nap and I couldn’t stop.  I let him crawl around my hot-waxed canvas while I kept melting, and melting, and melting…

I wanted to add a bit more to it, so Ali came back and we added her name to the picture.

But my new addiction then tempted me back for more.

I couldn’t resist.

I then had to melt her name, which ended up looking really crappy compared to the unmelted version.


I might have a problem.  IMG_7248

But then I found this awesome twist on the whole melting idea, so at least I know where I’m going to get my next fix.

Ali and I had so much fun with our art project that I immediately wanted to start another (which led to a particularly fabulous visit to Michael’s).

I had seen the Watercolor-And-Painter’s-Tape project several times, where you tape out their initial and then get them to paint all around it.

But I couldn’t find the painter’s tape.

So I started scouring my closet for something else useful, and our entire shelf of foam shapes caught my eye.


Ali decided she wanted to make a card for Gramamma, and then I let her position the stickers on the page:



Then we worked together to paint all around them (and on them, due to Ali’s not quite grasping the purpose of the stickers)…

And fortunately, my substitute worked well – the stickers peeled off easily.

Ali signed her artwork, instructed me on what she wanted written on the card, and was quite proud of her gift.

(And yes, we do everything in our pajamas at our house.  It goes along with our no-decorum household theory.)

So, although it was a long and winding road to finding a way we could co-exist happily, Pinterest and I have become friends.

…with a slight tinge of frienemy, every time a perfectly decorated room pops up in my feed.

For those of you who have asked, here are my boards, although don’t expect much original pinning – I’m mainly a repinning copycat.  Also, if you’re not on Pinterest but want to try it, I can send you an invite – just let me know!