Hi! Noah here.

So last weekend, The Servant Who Calls Herself Mommy and that guy she hangs around all the time took me to this weird new place.

IMG_5676 (2)

And let me just say – it didn’t taste so hot.


It was kind of like the big bathtub I told you about
last time, but even ginormouser.

IMG_5637 (2)


Oh – and the bathtub kept attacking my toys and snatching them from me.


Luckily, The Sister Who Calls Herself Ali was there to give them back to me – for some reason, she seemed a little more in control of her toy situation.


But the Gigantic Moving Bathtub wasn’t the only weird thing going around down there.

They also had Furry Things.  LOTS of Furry Things.  And they weren’t like our Furry Thing that basically ignores me… these Furry Things wanted to play.

I’m pretty sure we were playing a game called “Chicken” – you know – who could make the other one leave, or at least cry, first?

The Furry Thing started the game…


So I played along.  I tried grabbing it…


Explored it’s Long Bendy Thing,


Attempted a removal of the Long Bendy Thing,


And, finally, decided the only way to win would be a full-on body-slam of the Furry Thing.


And it worked.  Noah: 1, Furry Thing: 0.


Oh Yeah.  I’ve got skillz.

One other bizarre thing happened that I wanted to tell you about.

The Servant Who Calls Herself Mommy, as always, made me sit and let her take my picture. IMG_5605


I swear she must think I’m the most beautiful creature on the planet.IMG_5466 (2)


And really, I don’t blame her.IMG_5591

Yeah.  I know I’ve got It, whatever It is.

Anyway, I was having fun watching the birds… IMG_5493

And pretending to be a fish…


When something strange showed up in the background…

Uh, yeah.  Can anyone say we’re not in Kansas anymore??

I got pretty worried, because I was afraid that the flying monkeys would show up any minute.



I don’t like flying monkeys.IMG_5481


So I can’t tell you how relieved I was when we saw the pole –



A birdhouse! Of course.  There aren’t REALLY flying monkeys – silly me.



At least – I don’t think there are.

Are there?


I’ll be hiding behind a Furry Thing if you need me.

23 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Deep.

    1. That would have been interesting! But no. My husband refuses to let ME feed the seagulls or do anything that might attract their attention. I think he’s afraid of getting pooped on…

  1. I just love his posts and his commentary of his adventure is most interesting. The pictures tell exactly what he is saying.

  2. Awwww presh!
    Your photos of Noah are gorgeous!! I am so jealous of his pretty blue eyes and long eyelashes!
    He’ll be a hearthrob, that one!

  3. He is just precious….uhhhh, I mean he’s a studly, handsome little man. If he keeps this up, his first novel will be published by 4!

  4. He is so cute!! you have beautiful children. I wish I was young enought to have just one more. My son will have to be an only child becuase at 44 I am doing that again. I was 36 the first time. Thanks for sharing you children with us.

  5. Noah is so darn cute! It’s making me excited for my own baby#2. I wish I could see Noah in person…I want to hear those little giggles. And your photo taking skills are getting to be super-impressive!

  6. Love, love, love it! Noah’s post always make me smile. I think my favorite is the “silly me” picture. So precious! Thanks for telling us about your beach adventure Noah!

    P.S. Blogger is not letting me center text right now. Are you not able to either? It’s driving me CRAZY! I haven’t been posting as much b/c I like my words centered. :)

  7. Love Noah’s facial expressions, looks like he loved the beach! My parents have a really mean furry thing that I’d love to see Noah body slam :)

  8. There is something magical about six month old babies, isn’t there? Especially the wide toothless grins and bald heads. I wouldn’t want to freeze this age forever (see: diapers) but I sure would love to be able to visit it over and over again!

    Looks like you had fun at the beach! Did he like the waves?

    1. Yes, this is definitely the age where it gets more fun for sure!!

      Yes, he loved the beach! We didn’t go where there were really “waves”, per say, for safety and ease on us. But he did enjoy the sand and the water!

  9. Adorable photos!

    Looking at them sitting in the water made my heart skip a beat though. If you ever visit the Pacific, you cannot leave a baby sitting in the water (or anyone really) with their back turned. The water must be incredibly calm at that beach! :)

    1. Ha! Yes, we were on the inside side of a Bay in the Gulf – so there was about triple coverage from waves! No worries – I promise! Also, we were under a bridge, so there was also no sun! Perfect spot for baby play.

  10. So adorable! He is so so so cute and such a little ham for the camera. I love all the drool.

    PS – These posts are not helping my severe case of baby fever.

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