I ran across this anniversary card a couple of months ago when buying one from Chris. I’m pretty sure the “husband anniversary” category marker should be replaced with a “Sentiments that should never be written in gold foil” category marker.


Speaking of cards, I received this card in the mail from our state’s governor, congratulating me on my new baby…just 5 months after I had Noah – and 5 months after he was no longer Governor.


“Congratulations, and remember to get those shots!!”

– good thing I wasn’t waiting on his reminder to get that done.

Have you been searching for the “Best Graduation Gifts Ever”? I found them – hanging out on the sidewalks of Homewood.

…Because, when headed off to college, everybody needs a wardrobe with school spirit.

When I was desperately searching for some pink hair dye, I used my iPhone to find a phone number… but the reviews were also quite helpful.

IMG_1344 copy
I personally love a baked potato on the side of my hair dye.

While I was delivering tornado relief supplies, I also saw this guy…delivering…relief?


Of all of the views on creation and evolution, I’m sure we can ALL agree on one thing: we don’t get to decide what actually happened.


Any Size*


* – any size with the exceptions of which you will search endlessly for – because we sadistically left them off of our billboard.

The Rodeo Drive of Birmingham:

Who doesn’t love to decorate their house with stray cats and buy their “Ladie’s” social occasion dresses within dress code?

And, finally, nothing tastes as good as a cow that was patted daily.


…Because we all know that happy beef is tasty beef.

11 thoughts on “Utterly Odder Parts of Life.

  1. I took a picture of the ‘graduation gifts’ too when I saw it! Don’t think that is what I would want to send my daughter off to college in. (If I had a daughter, just a boy for me thank goodness!)

    1. Seriously!! I’m kind of hoping they were talking about College Graduation Gifts, but I’m really not sure that’s much better.

  2. I can’t believe that some one thinks that they should advertise panties has a great graduation gift. Don’t think I’ve ever been to a graduation party & seen some one give undergarments to the graduate.

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