Gourmet Baby: Yes, I Did Make a Breastmilk Smoothie.

Breastmilk Smoothie

After Noah’s obvious frozen yogurt love last weekend, Chris had an epiphany: I should make Noah his own FroYo, Baby-Kosher-Style.

Baby-Kosher-Style = made with frozen breastmilk.

Don’t worry – I’m not about to get all crazy.  My byproducts will not be made into breastmilk cheese or anything curdish like that, but the thought of making Noah Frozen Yogurt was an interesting one…

Especially since Noah has still refused to actually swallow anything offered to him from a spoon – except for that fabulous Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.

It was as if he, in that chocolatey moment, realized the incredible value of swallowing.

So on Monday afternoon, Noah was a bit of a pill (which is quite odd for him – perhaps a Chocolate Frozen Yogurt hangover?), and I decided it was a perfect time to make him up a special treat to lift his spirits.

Ingredients:  5.5 ounces of frozen breastmilk and a tub of Gerber Peach Baby Food.


(Yeah, I know – I could have used real peaches.  But I still think I should get some major organic points for this recipe, because I am definitely free-range, and sometimes even grain-fed.)

First, I turned the milk into shaved ice with my Ninja:


Then I stirred in half the peaches, tasted it, and quickly stirred in the rest of the peaches – a vast improvement.

(Yeah, I tasted it.  No, that’s not cannibalistic.)

Here’s how it went down.

1. Fussy, discontent baby.


Just Add Baby FroYo…

2. WHOA! What was that?? And wow was it cold.


3. MoreMoreMoreMoreMoreNOW

(However, peach FroYo didn’t have the same amazing magic as chocolate – he still spit every bite out.  That tongue just gets all excited and can’t help itself.)

So while I sopped him up and thought about other options, that led to…

5. How could you deny me???


In a brilliant move, I decided to repurpose the Frozen Yogurt into a Smoothie, which made for a happy, much less messy baby.


Once I managed to de-sticky-fy him while he was drinking the smoothie (to prevent further smoothie tantrums), I decided that we should move outside – because what better place to drink a smoothie than in a porch swing on a hot Alabama June day?


So.  Baby smoothies?


Noah Approved.

(You may now insert your disgust here.)