Breastmilk Smoothie

After Noah’s obvious frozen yogurt love last weekend, Chris had an epiphany: I should make Noah his own FroYo, Baby-Kosher-Style.

Baby-Kosher-Style = made with frozen breastmilk.

Don’t worry – I’m not about to get all crazy.  My byproducts will not be made into breastmilk cheese or anything curdish like that, but the thought of making Noah Frozen Yogurt was an interesting one…

Especially since Noah has still refused to actually swallow anything offered to him from a spoon – except for that fabulous Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.

It was as if he, in that chocolatey moment, realized the incredible value of swallowing.

So on Monday afternoon, Noah was a bit of a pill (which is quite odd for him – perhaps a Chocolate Frozen Yogurt hangover?), and I decided it was a perfect time to make him up a special treat to lift his spirits.

Ingredients:  5.5 ounces of frozen breastmilk and a tub of Gerber Peach Baby Food.


(Yeah, I know – I could have used real peaches.  But I still think I should get some major organic points for this recipe, because I am definitely free-range, and sometimes even grain-fed.)

First, I turned the milk into shaved ice with my Ninja:


Then I stirred in half the peaches, tasted it, and quickly stirred in the rest of the peaches – a vast improvement.

(Yeah, I tasted it.  No, that’s not cannibalistic.)

Here’s how it went down.

1. Fussy, discontent baby.


Just Add Baby FroYo…

2. WHOA! What was that?? And wow was it cold.


3. MoreMoreMoreMoreMoreNOW

(However, peach FroYo didn’t have the same amazing magic as chocolate – he still spit every bite out.  That tongue just gets all excited and can’t help itself.)

So while I sopped him up and thought about other options, that led to…

5. How could you deny me???


In a brilliant move, I decided to repurpose the Frozen Yogurt into a Smoothie, which made for a happy, much less messy baby.


Once I managed to de-sticky-fy him while he was drinking the smoothie (to prevent further smoothie tantrums), I decided that we should move outside – because what better place to drink a smoothie than in a porch swing on a hot Alabama June day?


So.  Baby smoothies?


Noah Approved.

(You may now insert your disgust here.)

45 thoughts on “Gourmet Baby: Yes, I Did Make a Breastmilk Smoothie.

  1. *grin* that’s actually a great idea. I mean.. you’re feeding him breast milk anyway, why not mix in some peaches? If he’s ticked off because he’s got teeth coming in, it was probably yummy and soothing at the same time. Now if you’d made Chris a breast milk smoothie… well, that would be different. :\

  2. No disgust, just in awe of your genius. My 2nd wouldn’t eat anything from a spoon until 7 1/2 months, not that I didn’t try every day for 2 1/2 months. Can’t wait to read what other flavors of breastmilk smoothies Noah delights in.

  3. I agree with Jessica’s comment. If you and Chris had chugged down a big gulp of Rachel’s finest…I dunno. I mean…irg. However, a Noah smoothie? That is just perfect. Way to be innovative!

  4. Pure awesomeness! My child NEVER ate any purees, she absolutely hated them, but I’m sure a breast milk and fruit puree smoothie would have been a huge hit! Way to go Rachel, you should patent the idea!

  5. Hilarious. Especially THIS line: But I still think I should get some major organic points for this recipe, because I am definitely free-range, and sometimes even grain-fed.

    Great pictures of him – my favorite is the last one – check out those gorgeous eyes!

  6. What a fantastic idea! And don’t worry about the solids. He just hasn’t developed the swallow reflex yet. It’ll come when he’s ready. And breastfeeding is so much easier than solids anyway :)

  7. Thank you, Rachel. I needed this. (and I LOL’d at your “I am definitely free-range, and sometimes even grain-fed” comment!)

    I’m sure if Noah could, he would say “Wow, you’re a genius, Mommy!” :)

  8. Great idea! I wish I had this idea when I still had sacks and sacks full of frozen breast milk left! Would have been handy…especially since S, as the second child, gets desserts and treats all the time…it would have been nice to give her a healthier alternative to ice cream. K never had a cookie, cake, or ice cream until she was 2!

    And speaking of frozen breastmilk…about a month ago I finally had S finishing up the last of it (just drinking it from a cup) and I pulled the LAST bag out. It was kind of sad, but I just said, “Last one!” and handed her the cup. Unfortunaltely she kind of swat-grabbed at it and knocked it out of my hand. It hit the floor and the lid popped off. It was like slow motion watching those last few ounces of breastmilk seep onto the dirty floor. Sad!

    1. Oh I totally understand the sadness of that moment. I threw out my last couple bags after Ali – after a YEAR of not being able to bring myself to do it!

  9. I applaud you! No disgust from me. In fact, I am confounded by the general public’s disgust of all things breastmilk related. We drink COW’s MILK, how is that not considered weird? And in case you were wondering about the difference between the two, just ask my three year old. He can tell you who drinks which (he is proud to say that he gets both…pumped MamaMilk (because Baby Brother gets it from the tap), and “cow’s milk in my mug.”). *Insert disgust here* :-)

  10. Nope…no disgust from me. In fact, I’ll be bookmarking this for future reference. We have a rarely-used ninja so maybe it’ll get some use eventually. :)

  11. What a great idea. And I don’t even have the teensiest bit of disgust. Breastmilk is delicious. Like, milky nectar delicious. I was always curious about putting a little bit in my (decaf) coffee, but I drink my coffee black…

    1. It is definitely much sweeter than regular milk. At least, mine is. Never tasted anyone else’s…that might be pushing the boundaries of weird.

  12. Have you ever heard of baby-led weaning? It seems like it might be perfect for your little guy. Neither of my children have had or will ever have baby food (purees). They’ve only ever eaten real food in it’s normal state, not pureed or mashed into nothingness. Our babies really are much smarter than we give them credit for. They intuitively know when to start eating solids, and which ones their bodies need to eat to be balanced nutrient-wise. There’s an awesome book called “Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solids”. It is truly eye-opening! You’ll never think about baby food the same way again!

    1. Sounds interesting! My pediatrician just suggested that I skip baby foods, wait a month or two, and give him finger foods. So we’ll see how he does – but he does like the smoothies, so I think I’ll keep giving him those every now and then for sure!

  13. Nicholas has 2 teeth and is in pain from it. I bought this: and freeze baby food to put in there. Nicholas won’t eat food any other way, but he loves this!!!

    Noah is so cute!! If I ever come to AL or if y’all come to SC/GA (the CSRA), we should meet up! Ali and Jonathan could play, Noah and Nicholas could gossip in their baby language! It’d be fun!

    1. Definitely! I love meeting people in real life. What’s CSRA? Charleston…Savannah…???…Augusta? Those are just my best guesses :)

      We go to ATL pretty often, and I have a good friend in Charleston, so we go there every now and then, too.

      1. It’s the “Central Savannah River Area” – the areas around Augusta and Aiken, SC. :-)

        I don’t know why I thought you would know that. We try not to go to ATL too often because I don’t like driving in that traffic, but we do go to Charleston! It is so pretty there!

  14. Lucas was like that. He didn’t eat hardly anything until he was old enough to start eating regular food chopped up. Up to this day he hates certain textures (banana being one of them – what do you feed your child when they hate bananas?) Have fun with Noah! At least you can rest assured that one day, he will eat. In fact, you may wish he wouldn’t eat so much:)

    1. Ali’s not a fan of Banana’s, either – unless she’s at my Mom’s house and is dipping them in yogurt. I’ve even tried bananas and yogurt at home, and apparently it’s just not the same.

  15. Well, now that is true southern girl genius there. Just glad it didn’t turn out to be you breast feeding after some vigorous running…
    I guess that would be more milk shake than smoothie.

  16. Emily’s comment made me think of banana smoothies. Yum! And this is a a great idea for a treat to give my 7 mo old while big bother and sister are having ice cream.

  17. That is awesome!
    Levi has enough frozen liquid gold to start his own baby smoothie shop, would Noah want to go into business with him? Noah would be great in the advertising department :)

  18. I’m just curious, but what about the people who make their own baby food? Should we just mix until we get the consistency we want since we cant really measure the tub without buying the product& using it?

    & anyone think it would work with vegetables too? My son hates squash & just about anything I feed him

  19. Did you have to change the consistency when going from “froyo” to smoothie? Like run it through the blender or add more breast milk? SI know this is an old post, but I’m hoping that you still remember. Thanks!

  20. this makes me feel so much better about my son! I have twins and Hailey LOVES to eat baby food, but Oliver just spits it out, makes faces, and gags. at least i know he’s not the only kid that doesn’t do well with purees.

  21. I think this is a brilliant idea! Not disgusting at all!!! I’m going to give this a try with my LO!! He has two teeth already, but is in pain…..and I know the coldness of the smoothie will soothe his gums for sure!!! And in our Canadian summers, it will be nice too!!! Thanks for the awesome idea!!!:)

  22. I love this idea! My son was born with a cleft lip and palate and until the palate is fixed the whole idea of him eating isn’t going so well. Out the nose it comes with every spoonful. But a smoothie?! Now he can eat that out of a bottle! So excited to try this!

  23. So my 3 ur old daughter would not eat from the spoon as a baby… So I came up with this idea for her to get her solid in back in 2014 and she ate fine… My now 6 month son won’t eat from a spoon as well… Gotta be twins…. So he drinks smoothies all day long… Or I make him cereal in a bottle… Baby cereal and breastmilk and he is a happy camper. If I didn’t start doing this, he would of been drinking breastmilk every 40 minutes and I’m already struggling to make 4 to 5 of so you can imagine how tired mom would really be. Great idea for moms who has a baby that won’t eat from the spoon plus my pediatrician approved with caution to continue to implement spoon feeding

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