For those of you not “fortunate” to watch it, TLC kicked off a new series Sunday night titled Bama Belles which documents the lives of five women from Dothan, Alabama…


Dear TLC,

Although I’m flattered that Alabama Women have made your Person of Interest List with the likes of Polygamists, Little People, families with 19 kids or sextuplets, Hoarders, men with skin that looks like tree bark, and 76 year old pregnant women, I would like to make a few notes on your portrayal of our state’s female population.

I will not go as far to say that there are no women in our state that are like the women portrayed on the show, just like I’m sure there are, much to the chagrin of the rest of their state, a few Snookis and The Situations in the state of New Jersey.

However, I believe I speak for the majority of the state when I make the following points:

~ Most of us DO NOT put bovine treats in our mouths then allow our COW to lick our mouths, faces, and the inside of our mouths in order to share a savory snack with us.

~ Most of us DO NOT go “Huntin’” when we go on a girl’s day out.

~ And, on that note, most Girl Trip destinations in our state ARE NOT called names like Booger Bottom Lodge.

~ Yes, we do have Southern Accents, but most are not quite to the level portrayed.  For instance, although we might get irritable at times, most of us do not scream at the top of our lungs that we are “guttin’ PEEEESY!!!”

~ Most of us DO NOT have Leopard-Print Snuggies as our master bedroom comforters, especially not paired with Zebra Print Throw Pillows.

~ Most of us DO NOT make camouflage shirts for our dogs.

~ We DO NOT typically throw Cowboy and Indian birthday parties. For our husbands.  Complete with a Petting Zoo.

~ And finally, most of our Church sign slogans DO NOT, thankfully, intermingle The Gospel with a reference to Alabama Crimson Tide Football.

I think that about covers it –  I just felt the need to clarify my position and point out these differences before I started guttin’ PEEESY.


an un-TLC Bama Belle.

24 thoughts on “Bama Belles: An Official Rebuttal

  1. We watched that and it was awful at best. Again, they are trying to make the south look bad. I personally do not know anyone like these women. I do have a friend that goes gator hunting with her husband but she is a classy woman. I think they look for these types just to be mean.

  2. I watched that show too and was totally cracking up at how redneck they make us look. That show hopefully will not last!

  3. I am from dothan and live right down the road from amie pollard. This show is so horrible! All amie is is fame hungry you may remember her from the great American road trip. I can’t believe tlc put this show on the air!

  4. Oh well. Shows like that will keep all them darn yankees from wantin’ to move here and “rurin” (ruin) our fine state! ;)

  5. Coming from a yankee that is very proud to be living in the South: I didn’t watch the show b/c the previews were bad enough. Thanks for confirming that I did not miss anything AT ALL!!

  6. Oh girl. I couldn’t even watch it. The previews about did me in. I’m sure it’s just like when they feature AL on the news when there’s a tornado or something. They always find the two people with no teeth living in a trailer park.

  7. Wow, that sounds like a real winner! I haven’t even heard of it…of course, we don’t have TV so I’m really behind on shows. I know a few people who do some of those things (not the cow licking one – gross!) and they live about as far from the deep south as you can get! I always think of classy and cute (totally jealous of your adorable accent!) when I think of a Southern Belle. Too bad they are trying to change that image!

  8. Thanks so much for the rebuttal. I saw the preview and felt pretty queasy (not peesy, mind you – and what IS “peesy” anyway?). I had a sudden burst of empathy for all citizens in New Jersey. Why do they do that and where do they find these awful women?

  9. This cracked me up :) I saw the previews but didn’t watch it since it looked awful but now I think I have to watch it at least once just to see the train wreck. You are too funny :)

  10. It’s horrible…but they got you to watch it didn’t they? Yes, I too had it on DVR…in the background while I was folding laundry & talking on the phone.

  11. I think I watched about 20 minutes of it and shut it off. It was just bad. Bad and boring. Fortunately it’s only a three-episode series and the abysmal ratings (it lost almost two-thirds of its lead-in) pretty much guarantee it will be short lived.

  12. Okay, i will admit that I sat in my corner or Iowa and LAUGHED at that show! I watched in hopes of getting some sort of Real Housewive fix since my cable company so rudely removed Bravo from my line up this summer. It was NOT the Real Housewives. I though you all did go huntin’ on your days off when its 100* outside. Good to know that you aren’t that crazy. ;)

  13. Oh, Alabama people aren’t like that? I worked with a woman from Mobile…she is, what we described, as “for real Southern”, from her accent, to talking about how her daddy was a shrimper and eating possum…maybe Atlanta really is part of the North now….lol

  14. I haven’t seen the show yet but I HAVE heard about it. I live in Canada now but grew up in Northwestern Alabama. All the guys I work with think it is hilarious to talk about this new show & how they are sooooo happy to see how I grew up. Ugh. I hope this goes away quickly!

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