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I don’t get to fly very often, but I absolutely adore it when I do. The experience of the airport, and all the bustling around, and the plane… it’s just completely thrilling to me.

I know – I’m such a little kid.

But I’m also pretty paranoid about getting the best deal – and experience – possible. I probably still like flying because I’m careful to get nonstop flights whenever possible, and try my best to save as much money as I can in the process. is full of awesome travel tips – practical ones like saving money on airline tickets and the best airlines to get last minute great deals from, and fascinating ones like the seven most amazing sights from airplanes (which really makes me want to fly again!).

They also have articles on really fun stuff like 10 Bizarre Hotels, in case you’re up for a REAL adventure!

ipodnanoThe site is full of useful and fascinating information, and is totally worth your time to check out, whether you fly often or not!!

And, since they’re pretty new and trying to get the word out about their site, they are sponsoring a giveaway here for one of the new and quite fancy 8 GB iPod Nanos!!! And what’s even better – YOU get to pick the color!!!

If you’d like to win the iPod Nano, simply go visit and come back here and tell me a post that you found interesting.

You can get up to four extra entries by:

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Best of luck! This giveaway is open until Monday, October 25th. The winner will be randomly selected and posted on my giveaway winners page on Tuesday, October 26th.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this giveaway. My opinions are always my own. And you should really check out those 10 bizarre hotels – wow.

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    I enjoyed the annoying types of passengers blogs, very true to life

  9. I found the post on 5 ridiculous airline charges interesting. honeypie411 at yahoo dot com

  10. i liked "Cheapest Flights to Exotic Destinations This Winter". I live in California so we dont get "weather" during the winter but it always seems like i get just enough of a bonus and a few extra days off but it is always too expensive (or so i thought) to go anywhere during the winter months!


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  15. I liked the Must Have Travel Items post. Love the kindle!

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    Around the world travel.
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  17. Cheapest Flights to Exotic Destinations This Winter

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  26. I liked Cheapest Flights to Exotic Destinations This Winter. A girl has to dream of an exotic vacation. Thanks for the giveaway.

  27. The bizarre hotels article and pics. I thought some of them were pretty cool lol

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  28. I liked the 5 Ridiculous Airline Charges article.


  29. I loved the 7 amazing sights taken from a plane, especially the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge

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  33. Best Bags for Travel article was great!


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    I love the 7 amazing sites from airplanes!! I've only flown twice and it was amazing!!

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  36. The article about entertaining yourself at the airport was very funny.

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    In the Air New Zealand safety video the whole plane crew is wearing nothing except painted on clothes. LOL

    That is a great idea for a way to grab everybody's attention for an important announcement.


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    I liked "Getting There is Half the Battle." I used to be a cab driver and the airport was always a challenging destination. I've found that in any big city with a subway (NY, Boston, SF, Chicago, DC, etc), that's usually the best way to go unless you have boatloads of luggage.

  44. I liked them all, but I found the pictures from best views awesome.

  45. I commented on 7 amazing views from airplane

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  48. I liked the 5 Ridiculous Airline Charges. I'm fearful that the restroom charge may spread. Trouble for all.

  49. I like everything about this website. My favorite section is "Best Bags For Travel". Like I need another bag……I have a closet full of them in all shapes, sizes & colors! :)


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  51. I liked the 5 Ridiculous Airline Charges post.


  52. I liked the 7 amazing sights from Airplanes.


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  57. I liked the article "SEVEN MOST UNDER-RATED DESTINATIONS IN THE US" – I'd love to go to Louisville now!

  58. The post on Airline Safety Videos was interesting. I watched some of them and the commentary about "The Queen of Planet Collagen" was TRUE! She's scary!

  59. I liked the best bags for travel article.

  60. I like the Gadgets section on .

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  65. I liked the 10 bizzare hotels interesting.

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    I didn't realize that Air Tran and Frontier offered a service to the islands (from the exotic destinations in winter).

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  69. That would be "5 Ridiculous Airline Charges" – this trend seems to be affecting everyone!

  70. I really enjoyed the 10 Bizarre Hotels article. I'd love to stay at a tree house hotel, especially one in Costa Rica.

  71. I like the Taking Your Load on the Road: The Best Bags for Travel
    becuase we are going to vegas in a couple of months and I am looking for new bags

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  72. I found the "exotic winter destination" post interesting, I live in Hawaii and am always trying to get family out here to visit- I often hear "it's too expensive" so its nice to see some options to make it more affordable!

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    Best Bags for Travel is a good article, they really have major restrictions these days.


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  77. I found "7 Tips To Flying With a Family" interesting, I am scared to fly, and worried about flying with children so this seems very helpful.

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  79. I love the Bizarre Places. The Ice Hotel and underwater one would be a blast. The one it Turkey would be fascinating to see.

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  91. Loved the bizarre hotels article. Will be headed to Europe & Asia next year. I'm going to look up the cave hotel in Turkey to see if a stop there might be possible.

  92. I thought the Cheapest Flights to Exotic Destinations This Winter was interesting

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    I thought it was interesting that Ryanair is currently toying with the idea of charging for use of the bathroom. How insane is that.

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  140. There seems to be a cost threshold with taxi cabs; if you live or are staying a relatively close distance to the airport (no more than 30-45 minutes) a cab is affordable, but definitely not the most inexpensive option. From New York’s JFK to Times Square will run you about $45, including tip and/or toll fees

  141. I found the 8 Annoying Types of Travelers article interesting.

  142. I loved the post on "10 Bizarre Hotels" – the photos of the Ice Hotel and the Treetop Hotel were especially surprising and interesting. I never knew any of these places existed!

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