I don’t get to fly very often, but I absolutely adore it when I do. The experience of the airport, and all the bustling around, and the plane… it’s just completely thrilling to me.

I know – I’m such a little kid.

But I’m also pretty paranoid about getting the best deal – and experience – possible. I probably still like flying because I’m careful to get nonstop flights whenever possible, and try my best to save as much money as I can in the process. is full of awesome travel tips – practical ones like saving money on airline tickets and the best airlines to get last minute great deals from, and fascinating ones like the seven most amazing sights from airplanes (which really makes me want to fly again!).

They also have articles on really fun stuff like 10 Bizarre Hotels, in case you’re up for a REAL adventure!

ipodnanoThe site is full of useful and fascinating information, and is totally worth your time to check out, whether you fly often or not!!

And, since they’re pretty new and trying to get the word out about their site, they are sponsoring a giveaway here for one of the new and quite fancy 8 GB iPod Nanos!!! And what’s even better – YOU get to pick the color!!!

If you’d like to win the iPod Nano, simply go visit and come back here and tell me a post that you found interesting.

You can get up to four extra entries by:

(be sure to leave separate comments for your extra entries.)

Best of luck! This giveaway is open until Monday, October 25th. The winner will be randomly selected and posted on my giveaway winners page on Tuesday, October 26th.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this giveaway. My opinions are always my own. And you should really check out those 10 bizarre hotels – wow.

470 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win an iPod Nano from!

  1. I found the post on Most Over-Rated Destinations in the World interesting because Paris is the one place I've always wanted to go.

    Email address is in blogger profile

  2. With a family of four it's hard to take everything we need. I liked the article "Taking Your Load on the Road: The best bags for travel."

  3. With a family of four it's hard to take everything we need. I liked the article "Taking Your Load on the Road: The best bags for travel."

  4. I enjoyed reading about the 10 Bizarre Hotels. The "Under the Sea" Hotel seems like an amazing idea… but I would be too scared to actually stay there. Haha. :)

  5. i like the "7 Tips for Flying with a Family" article–that's a good one!! :)

    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

  6. I thought that "Getting There is Half the Battle: Options for Getting to and From the Airport" was interesting. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. I found New Face of the Airline Industry interesting as its a trend that does not seem to be going away and I feel does not bode well for travelers in the years to come.

  8. I did check out Airline Tickets and read two articles:

    The gorgeous one "7 Amazing Sights From Airplanes" helped to make up for the depressing but funny (in a sad way) article about "5 Ridiculous Airline Charges."


  9. I also commented on BOTH of the articles I read, here is one comment:

    "As a former Travel Agent I wanted to see if I had flown over any of them: to my surprise I have:

    I think I have flown over all except for Yellowstone and I'm not ssure about Greenwich – which I'm sure I have (having lived in NYC for many years) – but I guess I wasn't looking out the window… Sorry I missed you Regis!

    Aside: I don't think I've ever seen any of these fabulous sights with quite such picture perfect clarity from any plane – so thanks for the sideshow!"

    As for the 5 Ridiculous Airline Charges – I noted that if it gets any worse out there – they should start paying us to fly their airlines!


  10. I am both a Public Follower (Salleefur/Jesslyn) and RSS blog/feed subscriber via Google Reader


  11. There were several things I enjoyed, but I think the "Bizarre Places to Stay" was my favorite! How cold would a hotel room made out of ice be?

    sweepyhead at gmail dot com

  12. I am a Fan of Yours/LIKE You on Facebook,

    Jesselyn A.


    Best wishes and congratulations on your any-day-now big, blessed event!

  13. The article on annoying travelers hit home with me. I fly often and I particularly hate that everyone works so hard to not check a bag then lugs them on.

  14. I thought the article about getting to and from the airport was interesting. It really is at least 1/2 tthe battle for me.


  15. I like the post "Taking Your Load on the Road: The Best Bags for Travel". Very interesting.

    chrystaljns (at) gmail (dotcom)

  16. I read the 5 Ridiculous Airline Charges and cannot believe that there is an Ireland-based airline charging a fee to use the restroom! That is crazy!

    monlor AT aol DOT com

  17. I like New Face of the Airline Industry: The Continuing Trend of Mergers & Acquisitions. It mentions a merger that would bring Southwest to my home airport.

  18. Thanks for the giveaway…with the current "nickel & diming" practices of the airlines re luggage, I found the following useful: "TAKING YOUR LOAD ON THE ROAD: THE BEST BAGS FOR TRAVEL"

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  19. I enjoyed reading the Getting There is Half the Battle: Options for Getting to and From the Airport.

    Always good to refresh yourself on so many options

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  20. I also commented on Getting There is Half the Battle: Options for Getting to and From the Airport

    R Hicks

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  21. After four trips to Chicago this year, I was interested in the article, "Getting There is Half the Battle: Options for Getting to and From the Airport" on I'm for any way that will cut my transportation costs.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  22. I found the 5 Ridiculous Airline Charges article interesting and surprising. I can't believe they charge you to go to the bathroom and for a pillow!

  23. I found the article about 8 annoying types of travelers interesting and very true, especially the one about unruly kids.

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