I think that most of you are aware that I also run another blog, Alabama Bloggers. I don’t typically do too much cross-promotion, but there is some really great and exciting stuff going on over there this week, and I wanted to make sure that no one missed out on the chance to participate!!

AND, you don’t have to be in Alabama to participate in them all, so don’t just quit reading for THAT reason.

(I mean, if you have some other good reason to quit reading, such as if you just discovered that your boy-child has smeared poo on all the walls or something, feel free to go take care of that. I’m really enjoying all of your boy-child stories, by the way. And I’m only 90% reconsidering my decision to have one myself…but hey. Keep ’em coming!)

Okay. So, this week on Alabama Bloggers:

1. You might have noticed my new button on the left-hand side of my blog:

Alabama Score copy

The reason is that it’s time for the Second Annual Score For YOUR Team Football Carnival!

Score For Your Team copy

It’s not just for Alabama and Auburn fans – it’s for all football fans that live in Alabama. It’s a great way to get to know other Alabama bloggers, even if you don’t like football all that much (I think my contributing post last year was about just that).

The basic idea is that you can score for your team by…

1. Putting a button on your blog’s sidebar (3 points)
2. Writing a post about football and linking up on Tuesday (7 points)
3. Tweeting and blogging about the event (1 point)

Whichever team wins gets bragging rights for having the best bloggers in the state!!

AND, two of my favorite restaurants are sponsoring the carnival and have generously offered up some awesome prizes for the participants!!

BB Surfbrds logo colr
Baha Burgers will be giving five lucky participants $10 gift certificates to try out their AMAZING burgers,

TAZlogo_horizgrnweb And the grand prize will go to someone from the the winning team – a tailgate party for 10 people provided by Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe!!!

I’m really excited about the carnival this year and hope a lot of you participate!! For all the details, be sure to head over to Alabama Bloggers!

2. We have another giveaway going on that is only open through Sunday night, and there aren’t too many entries yet, so you have a great shot at winning!! This one is open nationally, not just to Alabama Bloggers.

John Claybrook, an awesome new and rising Christian Musician, is trying to win a contest to perform at Celebrate Freedom in Atlanta on September 4th. He has given us three of his Masterpiece CD’s to give away, and you can enter by commenting, plus there are multiple ways to enter to win that will help send him to Celebrate Freedom. Head on over and enter!

3.And finally, if you’re from Birmingham, you may be as fascinated as I am with a series of guest posts offered up from a Birmingham, England blogger who visited our city. She has written some great posts comparing the similarities of the two Birminghams, and they are running on Wednesdays at Alabama Bloggers. To check out the two so far, click here.

Thanks for enduring my announcements, and I hope you go over and check out one or all of these at Alabama Bloggers!!!

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