Are You Eating Local?

Are you Facebook Friends with an employee of one of your favorite restaurants? Has your kid ever been photographed by the chef because she was the unofficial restaurant mascot? Do you go to any restaurants and immediately feel like you’re family when you sit down because the waitress comes over and gives you and your […]

Invitations and Announcements

As most of you have heard (or rather, read) me talk about over and over and over again until your ears (or rather, eyes) fell asleep from boredom, one of my main motivators in blogging is relationships.  There is nothing that excites me more about blogging than to get emails and comments, or better yet, […]

Lisa Leonard Trunk Show Meet-Up and $50 Giveaway!!

If you haven’t heard of Lisa Leonard yet, it’s time that you’re introduced. She is a fabulous jewelry designer and blogger that has completely charmed the social media world with her creativity, gorgeous designs, friendliness, photography, and beautiful writing. As a mom of two, she has a knack for creating jewelry to touch the hearts […]

The State of State Hysteria.

The state of Alabama is now officially under the trance of the upcoming football season. And the teensy-tinesy detail of Alabama being the defending National Champion AND coming into the season ranked number one nationally is making the hysteria just a wee bit more deserving-of-straight-jacket-insanity than usual. Unfortunately, this football hysteria causes some people to […]

Fun Stuff and Giveaways – Don’t Miss Out!!

I think that most of you are aware that I also run another blog, Alabama Bloggers. I don’t typically do too much cross-promotion, but there is some really great and exciting stuff going on over there this week, and I wanted to make sure that no one missed out on the chance to participate!! AND, […]

Exciting, Huge Blogging News!!!

Obviously, you all know that I’m obsessed with blogging. Right? I love reading other people’s blogs, commenting on them, and having bloggy friends. In fact, I read all of my reader’s blogs (that I know about. Sorry, blog lurkers, I can’t read yours if you don’t come clean and ‘fess up to reading mine). I […]