Tomorrow is The Big Day. The day that we finally get to find out whether I’ve been toting around a boy or a girl for the past 16.5 weeks.

On Ali’s big sono day, being that I was a new and nervous parent, I was slightly more anxious about making sure that everything was all right and in place than with what exactly was in place “down there’.

Although I was absolutely delighted when they told us she was a girl and I could clearly see her very healthy looking self, towards the end of the sonogram, I still had to nervously ask… “So … is everything okay with her?”

And at that exact second, Ali gave us a thumbs up, and held it resolutely (and quite convincingly) for the rest of the sonogram: ThumbsUp

“Well, there’s your answer, huh?”

And so began my all-too-typical parenting assumption that my kid HAD to be THE smartest kid in the whole world, EVEN 20 weeks before her birth.

Obviously, Newbie has a lot to live up to on Wednesday. And for the rest of their livelong days.

But more importantly, what is this kid gonna be?

This is your official chance to submit your guess…Is it a Newbie or a Newbette? Or is it just a Newb because he/she decides keep his/her legs firmly crossed in an absolute refusal to let us see the goods, in which case he/she will be grounded for the duration of his/her in utero stay?

Here are the facts as I know them so far:

  • The Intelligender predictor predicted a girl.
  • The Chinese baby chart predicted a girl.
  • My cravings are about half and half same/different than I had with Ali.
  • I felt unbelievably worse with Newbie than with Ali (I think I can finally safely say that The Period of Misery is over, by the way).
  • I think I’m carrying Newbie rather low (although I’ve never understood how to tell at this stage, but I can assure you that Newbie is just about to twist my bladder in half, thereby making me have to pee at least twice a minute. Anyone have an extra catheter laying around? Preferably not previously used.)

AND to make the guessing a bit more fun, I’ve even got a prize hanging around: if you guess correctly in your Newbie/Newbette/Newb-ness, you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate! I’ll pick a random person from the winning group tomorrow and post it on my Giveaway Winner’s Page.

Also, feel free to give any name suggestions you just feel that you MUST share…as I have procrastinatedly delayed The Conversations as far as it is absolutely possible that Chris will allow me to…so they shall commence tomorrow night.

Please send chocolate.

51 thoughts on “Newbie or Newbette?

  1. I'm going against popular opinion and saying that I feel its a boy. No reason or logic, just what I feel.

  2. I say a boy! Don't know why. Boys are wonderful. They love their mommas! But I do think it would be great if Ali had a sister so close in age. For some reason I think it is a boy. I like the names Micheal, David, Micah, and Wynn.

  3. For some reason, I have thought all along that this one is going to be a boy. Either way, I can't wait to hear the news!

    PS. There's something in the Nottingham water….Renee next door is pregnant! I better watch out!

  4. I say boy, because some of your stories about what you are feeling sound like my sister and she had a boy.

    But whatever it is I am sure it is healthy and very smart. Although I think My Nephew is the smartest baby/toddler ever. :)

  5. I'm guessing boy…just a guess…and I personally have always liked C names…;-) Corbin, Christian, Cody, Connor, Cooper…lol…no reason for that either…good luck with the name arguments…=)

  6. I vote girl.

    Name suggestion: Genevieve

    And don't worry too much about names. Even if you pick one you are not super excited about, when you see YOUR little one tagged with it, it will become the best name ever.

    My sister chose James, which I thought was a kind of uninteresting name. But as soon as I saw him it became James with little hearts and stars floating around it for all time. James! What a beautiful name!

  7. I'm going with boy, just because of the morning sickness.

    My mom says that if the hair on your legs grow back faster than normal, its a boy and if it grows slower than normal, its a girl. So fast or slow? I may have to change my answer if you say slow.

    BTW, I find out on Thursday and my cousin finds out on Friday! Lots of exciting news in the next few days.

  8. I'm guessing girl and I really hope they can tell. You could end up with quite the surprise!

    Aren't you early for THE ultrasound?

  9. I think, considering Newbie's disregard for UMU regulations all this time, that (s)he will fail to comply. If however, (s)he decides to fulfill this contractual obligation, I say girl.

    As for names, in Twilight (yes, I just outed my nerdiness) the characters took their mothers' names and smushed them together, thus "Renee" and "Esme" became "Renesmee." (gag)

    You should totally go for that idea.

  10. Well, I love the boys, and I kind of want you to have a boy. That being said, I'm guessing girl. I'm also a huge disbeliever in the whole "type" of pregnancy being a predictor. My two pregnancies were so, so different from each other. I carried different, craved different, the hairiness situation was different. Anyway, girl is my guess. I can't wait to find out!!!

  11. I think you're going to have a boy. I thought Micah was cute. I don't think people will call him Mike unless you call him Mike.

    Every name I think of I think Chris would say it's not masculine enough. Maybe Levi??? that's biblical & manly. I think it can be cute to use the mom's maiden name as a first name ie. Anderson Cooper but I don't know what your maiden name is.

    Sarcasm: I think Chris should try to convince you to give your child a manly Greek name like… Spartacus, Atalanta, or Jason… What? You're creeped out by the fact that 1/2 the heroes slept with or killed their mothers????

    For some reason in Utah they think a masculine name = a Western/ cowboy name like Wyatt, Ryder, Hunter… none of which I like.

    Good luck! Naming a child is almost as much work as carrying one. Too many decisions and too many stupid names out there. But seriously I have liked the names considered in "The Conversation".

  12. Girl!!!!

    I'm so excited for you to find out! I hope they can tell…I didn't think they could tell for sure until like 18-20 weeks? My friend told me they can see boy parts at 12 weeks, but they don't like to officially say girl until 18-20.

    I don't think any of the "carrying" predictions work. I carried SO low with S. It was WAY different than with K so I thought for sure she was going to be a boy, just b/c of how different it was. I think each baby is just different.

    Have fun tomorrow seeing your little jelly bean!!!

  13. I think it will be another girl for no particular reason. Names….well I don't want to even go there. I'll be anxious to hear along with everyone else. Let's hope the little squirt cooperates.

  14. I think you're not going to be able to tell just yet. Sorry. But when he does cooperate, I think it will be a boy.

  15. I just had a total laugh out loud moment in the office (oops). I read Kristina Franklin's comment:

    "My mom says that if the hair on your legs grow back faster than normal…"

    And thought she said:

    "My mom says that if the hair on your back grows faster than normal…"

    All I could think was, ew gross, why would anyone admit to that??? :D LOL

    Go dyslexia!

  16. So nice that they'll tell you that early! I always had to wait til 20 weeks. Anyway, purely based on your sickness, I would say girl. Although, if you're better now, I don't know. My girls made me miserable the WHOLE time. Ugh. Anyway, praying for good health, whatever the gender!

  17. I'm saying girl. My pregnancies with my girls were soooo different. Our first took a long time in revealing the goods to us. When her grandma's promised presents she flipped over and let us know she was a girl. Didn't work with the second one. We didn't know until she came out. Have fun!

  18. just from info given i would say girl… but i would really have to see where you are poking out to be sure. :)

  19. Well I'm going with boy, just to be different. But I really think girl. So does that mean I'm entered in the drawing either way? lol As for names: I dreamt I was having triplet boys with my daughter's pregnancy so we were all set in the boy name category, nothing for a girl until a few weeks prior. Boys names: William Patrick, Henry Thomas, and Aidan James. All family names and very traditional. Though Aidan is blowing up in popularity now, so thats prob off the list. Good luck, and whatever name you choose it will be perfect!

  20. I originally thought a girl but I just got the "boy" feelin'. I'm gonna have to give the name some more thought…

  21. I think BOY!! I don't know why, but the whole time I've read about your pregnancy trials, I always think boy. Hope he cooperates tomorrow!

    P.S. My leg hair grew back slower than normal both times and I had boys.

  22. I;m thinking girl- and i've always wished I'd named Erin after mom and called her Maggie!
    chris ann

  23. I'm with Lindsay. I'm going to say girl, even though I've been hoping ya'll would have a boy.


  24. I'm guessing it's a Newb (but only because Ali's little sister will probably be the "shy one")

    My advice on naming: Pick a meaning for your name first, then look for something that fits. This strategy limits the options significantly :)

  25. You know I've said girl since day 1. I'm sticking with it!

    You can have our unused names–Katie Rose, Noah James, and Alexander Lane. :) I'm all for name recycling.

  26. I think it's a boy. Granted this time I'm wanting you to have another girl. But then again, I don't want Ali to have competition for my favor. So lets just hope it's a boy so I can continue to favor Ali. :) :) LOL.

    Boy name – my suggestion – Brantly or Victor – Alex's suggestions – Hoyt or Sasha (Russian for Alex)

    Girl names – Macy, Lacy, Kasey ( see a pattern.). LOL. No, how about Gretchen (alex's suggestion) Fiona (also alex's suggestion) I like Abi, but that'd be too close to Ali. So how about Cally or Sally. :) :)

    We aren't much help.

  27. Alex said to call Rick and Bubba and they can predict what you are having. I've never heard of that, but he says they have a formula.

  28. BOY!!

    and because my hubby is an RN.. i do have that catheter in my house, unused, should you need it. ;-) I promise he could do a whole delivery over here. (not that you have to have a catheter to birth your baby).. haha

  29. its a Boy!. I just think it is. Good luck and regardless of newbie or newbette it will have a wonderful family.

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