IMG_2351I smell a poopy diaper. In my kitchen.

Not just any poopy diaper. A NEWBORN’S poopy diaper.

How is that possible? And where is the smell coming from?

I never had psychotic scent episodes when I was pregnant with Ali.

In fact, I remember thinking that my friend Lydia was a bit…over the pregnancy edge… when, during her last pregnancy, after tearing her house apart DURING small group trying to find the smell of rotten garbage, she discovered that her pregnancy nose was interpreting Chris’ (very nice) cologne as rotten garbage, and very nicely asked him to not wear it in her house again until after her baby was delivered.

Now I understand.

And at least Lydia primed Chris for understanding my psychoses as well.

“Oooooh…you’re like Lydia now. I get it.”

I’m taking out the garbage when there’s merely one thing in it.

I’m washing my kid’s hair because it smells FUNKY. And it’s never smelled like anything but wonderfully sweet baby head before.

I’m texting my husband and telling him to NEVER. PUT. MY. FLOORMAT. IN. MY. CAR. AGAIN. Because two weeks ago Oreo rode in a box on top of my floormat and it still smells overwhelmingly like cat. MUCH more like cat than Oreo does.

Maybe God’s theory on this one is that we get all of our intense smelling out of the way now, so that our smell buds can burn away from the being over-stimulated so that when we have a newborn and would REALLY be disturbed by the aromas that are attacking us from every direction, we don’t even notice them.

I don’t know what it is, but my nose has GOT. TO. GO.

Along with my floormats.

But luckily for Chris, his cologne still smells heavenly.

Disclaimer: I promise I will get back to normal, non-pregnancy topics as soon as possible. i.e., as soon as the nausea and smells of pregnancy leave me alone for two seconds together so that I can focus anything else.

17 thoughts on “The Scent of a [Pregnant] Woman.

  1. Oh, seriously. I was a bloodhound for the first three months or so. Then, all the sinus issues took over and I haven't been able to smell much of anything for months. It'll get back to normal pretty soon.

    P.S. That's how I knew I was pregnant with Luke. I could taste the chemicals used to make the plastic in my bottled water. That was a good time.

  2. I'm glad Chris's cologne doesn't make you sick, that would be pretty sad if your own husband repulsed you! :)

    The smell of salmon & most any other fish repulsed me during both of my pregnancies, so much so that I couldn't even go near the fish counter at Publix. I used to LOVE salmon from Publix, and would have it at least a couple times a month, but now I never eat it…those few months of that smell making me want to vomit ruined it for me forever!

  3. I like the pregnancy posts! Keep them coming! :)

    I never had too many issues with weird smells. Just food, like cooking chicken. Yuck. I pretty much couldn't eat chicken while I was pregnant (either time) unless it was really disguised in something.

    That is hilarious about your friend not liking Chris' cologne. Glad you don't have that problem! :)

  4. Ohhh, the extreme sense of smell during pregnancy nearly put me over the edge many times.

    Don't you wonder why it really is that way? Maybe so we can be sure not to be near anything that would harm us…? (fumes, i'm thinking fumes here)

  5. Awww, can I pretty please take pictures of your pregnant belly when it's bigger? I won't charge you a penny! :D

  6. I like your posts. They are encouraging my hunger for newborn. I kinda miss those days right now. Not the nausea days. They knowing that something wonderful is growing inside of me and waiting to feel the first kick. Ahhhhh…

    I did have an issue with smelling things when I was pregnant last time. It worked to my benefit though. Hazel was only 6 months when I found out I was pregnant with Amelia. Suddenly I found myself dashing for the bathroom every morning when I went to change her diaper. My hubby soon took over and it's been that way ever since. He changes them and brings them to me and we cuddle in bed for awhile.

    Maybe your new sense of smell will work for your benefit too.

  7. My husband still makes fun of me and my sniffer. I still have a super sense of smell, but at least I'm not wanting to throw up every time I smell something that's slightly off.

    No worries w/the pregnancy topics, it's all I've been able to talk about for 8 months. But then again, I have been stuck in my house for 4 of those 8.

  8. Mine was bread. I could not stand the smell of sandwich bread with all four pregnancies. I had hypermesis with my pregnancies so everything made me thow up, but I could just think about white bread and throw up.

  9. The smell of the bread aisle at Walmart was enough to make me want to throw up everywhere. Just remember: This too shall pass!

  10. Love your post. In regards to pregancy nose… I had something errily similar to your friend's garbage hunt one day while at work. Unfortunately, for me, I was the only one smelling this horrific scent near my desk, but my boss was an understanding lady and thought there was something to my nose disturbance and decided to move all of the bookcases surrounding my desk. Turns out I had a dead rat behind one of my cabinets :( All the rain over the summer was sending the little rascals running for cover! And the moral of this story: don't ever dismiss your nose!

  11. Well at least the smell you SMELL is something that "smells" in the real world… my friend´s mother says she couldn´t take the smell of boiling water when she was pregnant (what does is smell like PLEASE!?!?!?!?)

    Oh and personally I love pregnancy posts (especially now I´m not pregnant and see the fun of it!)


  12. Congrats on your impending little peanut :)

    I quit smoking every time I was pregnant (3) not because of the baby (I know, I'm awful..) but because the very smell of a cigarette made me wanna blow chunks.

    Even smoke coming from passing cars on the street. I could smell it from miles away and could barely control my gag reflex when I detected it.

    Good luck! Pregnancy is a huge blessing to compensate for the curse of it. It's hard and stinky and uncomfortable and cranky and painful and as soon as we're done, we all say… I miss being pregnant… LOL

  13. there were actually stores I could not enter when I was pregnant, because something in the store made me want to vomit. I get the smell thing

  14. I remember driving past an Italian restaurant that was in a shopping center way far back from the road and almost gagging on the scent of Italian food. Someone opening a jar of peanut butter in a different room would about made me throw up.

  15. Remembering those days.. My biggest problem was garlic and coffee, usually my most beloved vices. But you know, I remember the newborn poopy diapers and actually liked them. Slightly used sour milk is a heck of a lot better than the stuff that comes later…

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