So, in case I bored you so much yesterday with my Smoothie story that you didn’t make it to the end of the post yesterday, I am, indeed, pregnant!

Apparently, telling the world that you’re trying to get knocked up really helps with the process.

So now for all the FAQs:

I’m six and a half weeks along, with a due date of December 27th, almost two weeks from Ali’s fourth birthday.

(It was SUPPOSED to be December 20th, but after the sonogram, they moved it a week. I’m not too sure I’m happy about that right now. And I CERTAINLY won’t be happy about that when it gets into late December.)

I had a C-Section with Ali, and so it’s quasi-recommended that I have another, and if I decide to do so (and God doesn’t answer my prayers and send me into labor earlier), the C-Section date would be December 20th.

We found out we were pregnant April 19th, right before leaving for our family vacation.

We decided we wouldn’t tell Ali until we were ready to announce it to the world (for obvious three year old blabbermouthy reasons), but wanted to let her be a part in telling the fam anyway.

So I got her to write this card, of which she couldn’t read any of but “Mommy”:


Friday morning on our family vacation, I told her excitedly that it was time to give Gramamma her card.

For the first time in her life, she said, “No, I don’t want to give ANYONE a card today.”

This was not part of the plan.

“Are you SURE, baby?? Gramamma and everyone else will be SO happy!”

”No. No cards.”

“But you HAVE to! Gramamma will be so excited she’ll jump up and down!!”

She took the card from me in a huff, ran across the house to my Mom, handed it to her and said, “Jump up and down now, okay Gramamma?”

Excitement and happiness followed, the cause of which Ali had no clue, except that maybe they were all that thrilled with her writing abilities.

Later, Ali grumpily told me, “But Gramamma DIDN’T jump up and down.”


We finally told Ali yesterday that I had a baby in my tummy while we were waiting at the doctor’s office. Although she showed a little excitement, her response was much more geeky analytical:

Her first reaction, of course, was to go back to her eternal assumption, rub my boobs, and say “So the baby’s in here?”

“No. Lower. In my tummy.”

“Well what is your baby’s name?”

“We don’t know yet – it depends on whether it’s a girl or a boy.”

“I want her to be a sister. Not a brother. And when will she be on the OUTSIDE of your tummy? And when will I have a baby in MY tummy?”

Later, after having a bit of time to process this new information, she asked, “So what kind of shoes is she wearing?”

When we got to the sonogram, Ali immediately said in wonder, “Well, look at that. Look. At. That.”

Apparently, she’s been hanging around a lot of old men lately.

As far as I go (don’t forget, everyone is supposed to continuously fawn all over the pregnant woman), I have been increasingly more and more nauseous every day, all day. Much more so than I was with Ali. I finally had the privilege of starting The Puking Phase yesterday morning.

But you know how wonderful pregnancy is? Even my puke came out as rainbows and sunshines.

(But I think I might wait a while to eat Lucky Charms again.)

Although she was pretty disturbed by me throwing up my Lucky Charms (why would I be so wasteful??), Ali has been handling my not-feeling-so-great-ness pretty well:


At least I’m decorated while I’m miserable.

She has also been picking up on the nausea terminology a bit too much. Last week, we stopped by the office for a minute, and she sang quite loudly to my boss,

“You make me feel QUEEEEEEEASY.”

Since she was the one who taught me the song, I might have sung it back to her once or twice. It is, after all, quite catchy.

31 thoughts on “The Sequel: Newbie. Release Date: December, 2010.

  1. Cute cute cute! I can't wait to see her become a big sister!

    I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully the nausea will only last a couple of weeks…

  2. Congrats!!! Gingersnaps helped me. Not much, but a little. If you would like, I can share my list of food that tastes the same going back up as it does coming down. Yeah. It's a good one.

  3. OMG! I missed the smoothie post. I'm so excited for you!

    And Ali's reaction is hilarious!!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Don't worry…I had a scheduled c-section for my 2nd one and he came early (3 weeks) and I still had a c-section so you should be good. As long as you get there in time for all the preliminary activities and I almost didn't! I'm so excited for you guys!!!

  5. Jolly Ranchers helped my nausea. I pretty much ate them all day long.

    I love that Ali wanted to know what kind of shoes she/he had on! Glad she has her priorities straight. :)

    My Abby was due Dec. 29, but was born the 22nd.

  6. Your baby is due on Harris' birthday! Very cool!

    My nausea was worth with each pregnancy. Tic Tacs helped me.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  7. YAY! Sooo exciting. Congrats! I lived on gatorade, Activia, and preggie pops (ginger suckers) during my nauseas phase. Best wishes.

  8. I know…I already posted how excited I am for you on FB…but I really love reading the story.
    I had no nausea with #1, with #2 it lasted from 8 wks to 13 wks…Zofran made me feel bad, Phenergan worked great, but put me to sleep. Ginger ale was about the best solution, there are also Preggo Pops available at Motherhood, they too are ginger based. Good luck, and get as much rest as you can!

  9. Ali's comments are hilarious!
    Looking forward to her input during the next 8 or so months :).

    Also, so sorry you're feeling so gross. It is a different ballgame being early pregnant and not feeling great when there are actually children to care for, huh? Not fun, not fun. Hope it passes SOON!

  10. That is a fun way to tell the family! I love all of Ali's comments on the baby news. Kids are so funny. :)

    I am really hoping that nausea doesn't get worse with each pregnancy b/c that's going to suck the next time around. :P Glad you got some medicine! That is the only thing that helped me be able to eat more than saltines and sprite. Yuck.

  11. CONGRATS, Rachel! Looks like y'all are having a "Christmas baby," just like we did with Iain! :) We are SO happy for you, and I will pray that your pregnancy is WAY better than my latest was!

  12. So sorry your not feeling good, but at least Ali is ok with you hanging out on the couch most of the day!
    Her reaction to the sonogram is hilarious!

  13. Alex and I laughed out loud by the questions that Ali asked you yesterday. :) That was very funny.

  14. GingarAleis the answer. ilove her questions. If it is a he I hope he does not have on princess shoes.

  15. Asking what shoes the baby is wearing is such a perfect question!

    Love the sticker decorations, too. Ali knows you need to be properly accessorized, even when not at your best. That's a thoughtful child you have there. As well as your hubby for snapping the pic.

  16. Congratulations!!! So excited for you. Ali's reaction is priceless. Hoping the morning sickness passes soon.

  17. I am so sorry you are going thru that morning sickness… I am so glad that I did not have it when I was pregnant. Maybe it will pass in a few weeks.

  18. HA! So adorable. I cant wait till we have another one. I'm so excited to see how Abbi will react when we do.

  19. Congratulations! My birthday is Dec 27th! It's not so bad;) I'm due a month before so our little ones will be close!

  20. Sorry to hear you're getting the queasies.
    Peppermint can be a big help with nausea, and makes your breath minty-fresh afterwards, if you do get sick anyway. Peppermint candy, peppermint tea, peppermint ice-cream…. nom nom nom!

  21. Ugh nausea sucks.

    I had an unplanned c-section with Rayna so for the 2nd time around we went ahead and scheduled a c-section for Xander's birth too.

    It's funny that I've had two babies and have no idea what labor pains feel like or what actual birth is like. lol

  22. CONGRATS!!! Ali is a Mess, but I'm sure she'll be a fantabulous big sister! I so feel your pain w/the sickness. I should have lived in the bathroom for the entire 1st trimester, it would have been much more convenient.

  23. Awwww, like the "release date" analogy! Nice that your puke is full of sunshine & rainbows though…you crack me up!!!

  24. I LOVE lucky charms! (I do realize this is probably NOT the best time to be talking about Lucky Charms!!) Josh just went to thailand last month and bought me a box…for $10! Now that is love and dedication, right?

    Why do pregnant women feel so comforted to see other pregnant women also nauseous and miserable? Does it validate the experience for them? Because I read your blog and I think "Oh, poor Rach! (Can I call you Rach, or is that pet peeve?) Well, it'll be over soon. That's just the way it goes."

    And now that I'm over the worst of it, I can feel really happy for you and know that soon…well, eventually anyway…you will be over it soon.

    I'm thinking Lucky charms can take the place of our nonexistent-24 bond. What do you think?

  25. Congrats on the pregnancy! My 8 yr. daughter was born on Dec 20th, great day for us! I'm preggers also on week 29, with our little boy Henry. He should be arriving via c-section on Aug 12th! I didn't have the sick thing this time I was just tired all the time. Hang in there it will get better!!! Good luck to you & your family.

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