Disclaimer: As with “Things Found on my Husband’s iPhone“, my husband is aware of, and okay with, me exposing the depths of his life in this post...or he just knows how to make me happy.

As I mentioned briefly at Christmas, Chris’ parents brought him all of his childhood Legos.

And believe me, it was QUITE the collection – I’m pretty sure we could buy a new house with the investment if they were e-Bayed (have you priced Legos lately?!).

(Don’t tell Chris I even mentioned such a thing – I’ll be stoned to death with Legos.)

He has been in memory-lane-blissful-heaven going through them all and playing with Ali*.IMG_7126

(*- Ali watching fascinatedly as her Daddy gets all excitedly gleeful remembering all of his individual Lego men and how he used them in battles, adventures, and imaginations in general.)

He has also undertaken quite a monumental Lego Reorganization Project. Because, as he pointed out, “Lego boxes are very inconvenient to see all of your pieces – there’s only a little lid and you can’t see the rest”. So he bought himself a rolling cart and has been spending some time relocating his play-purties from this:IMG_7136

To this:IMG_7137

I started helping him with his sorting process, but after he was re-doing everything I did, I told him that I would need to know his Top Secret Sorting Code to be able to be most effective as his Reoganization Assistant.

And so he told me. No, of course I can’t tell you or I’d have to kill you, one plastic bullet at a time, with the help of a Lego Soldier and his plastic machine gun.

Along with this sorting process, he’s realized that he kept all of his favorite Non-Lego treasures in with his Legos, so we’ve reserved one of the old Lego containers to keep all of these special, and very valuable, collector’s items:

They include especially rare and esteemed items TOTALLY worth saving for twenty-five years, such as these dismembered-roller-skating legs:


And, although this face doesn’t exactly look like a perfect match for the legs, maybe He-Man would like to try out a new mode of transportation?

…at least now I know that Ali gets her decapitation skills from her Father.

Speaking of Decapitated Friends, I had no idea that Ross existed in the 80’s:IMG_7147

I wonder if we’ll come across a decapitated Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, and Chandler to keep him company?

Other treasures include a collection of tokens worthy of a Pirate’s Chest from all sorts of childhood dreamlands, including Showbiz, Diamond Jim’s, Riverchase Golf and Games….IMG_7138

And a Casino?!?!?!

Or was that some archaic form of Pokemon?

But back to Showbiz for a minute…whoever decided to trade in that awesomely dream-filled name for Chuck E. Cheese??? Must have been on drugs.


At one point, Chris said, “Here’s a piece of wood wrapped in hair!! Ew…who’s hair IS that?!?”


Not EVERY childhood find can be a pleasant one.

And finally, if you know of any cowboys missing a boot out there, let me know:IMG_7149

The question of the day: Did that boot belong to He-Man or Ross?

15 thoughts on “Things Found in My Husband’s Lego Box.

  1. Oh! I loved my legos as a kid. I actually have that blue container like Chris'. It's still filled with my old legos.

  2. I'm equally weirded out by the Ross doll (because who is that actually supposed to be??) and the hair-wrapped wood. Both are…interesting.

  3. We had the same experience…except with Matchbox cars. I think my mom-in-law probably erects an alter to them and offers sacrifices in the name of her one and only baby boy…

  4. I got so excited when I saw the Showbiz Pizza coin, I have so many fond memories from that place!
    I agree, Chuck E. Cheese, is a dumb, or should I say "cheesy" name!

    That doll head really does look like Ross…I think Chris should do some investigating and find out who it's really supposed to be.

    We have about 5 boxes of Ryan's old toys in our basement…I wonder if he has any legos down there, I might have to go check!

  5. Showbiz!!! I miss ol' Billy Bob Bear!

    That TOTALLY looks like Ross with piercing green laser eyes. I think the boot belongs to Ross. He-Man is more of a strappy sandal kind of guy.

  6. Ha ha it made me laugh to see all of his decapitated heads. At least you now know where Ali gets it.

    Is it just me, or was Ross hotter in the 80s?

    I almost forgot to mention how jealous I am that in the middle of January Ali and Chris are in tanks and shorts. So not fair. ;)

  7. I loved Showbiz! And I can only imagine what I would find if I dug out my old Barbie case, so I'm going to decline comment on the beheaded He-Man.

  8. Wow I can't believe his parents saved them all for him. My parents wouldn't save my toys except that I am still living there and can stop them from tossing them out.

    They are opening a Legoland theme park here in Florida sometime in the next year, sounds like Chris would be in heaven at such a theme park.

  9. Oh my, that is quite a collection!

    You know a man is serious about something when they decide to "organize" it :)

  10. I used to love Showbiz Pizza!!!
    Just like everyone else, who is Ross really? I have to know!
    My mom gave me my all my old toys when they moved houses. I have a Ken doll whose only clothes happened to be swim shorts. You know how short those used to be? And he's got a tan. (: Imagine that!

  11. Oh em gee…that is hilarious!
    Chris and Scottie need to get together and play! :) Scott just got all of his old Legos back from his parents this fall when they moved!!
    OR we could go into an EBaying Lego business together…both of our husbands' collections combined…hmmmm ;)

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