Sorry I’m late in getting this annoucement out: The winner of the Prima Princessa DVD is Michelle from 5 Little Wolfs!

Saturday night after coming home from staying with Gramamma during the LSU game, Ali woke up screaming three different times – 2am, 5am, and 6am. She wouldn’t talk, but she would shake and nod her head.

“Are you hurting?”


“Did you have a bad dream?”


“What was your bad dream about?”

(Horrified Screaming)

Wow. It must have been awful.

The next morning, I asked her about her bad dreams.

She remembered immediately. “They were about Cinderella. And her two sisters. They were tearing up her pink dress. They messed it up.”Stepsisters Tearing Dress

I said, “But the Fairy Godmother came and made her an even prettier blue dress!”

“Yes, but the pink dress. It was messed up. The sisters weren’t nice.”

So let me get this straight, kiddo: You watched Snow White with no qualms, including the part where the evil Queen instructs the scary huge man to kill Snow White and put her heart in a box as proof…

But then, you watch Cinderella at Gramamma’s house, the happiest place in your world, and then scream all night about a dress being torn up?

Granted, they’re not very nice looking:Stepsisters Small

But they’re certainly less disturbing than this:Snow White Stepmother
Ever since, our conversations keeps going back to, “The pink dress. It’s all messed up. The sisters – they were not nice. They tore up the dress.”

I’m starting to get it – fashion is important to Ali. The stuff that can make dreams or nightmares.

I think she might have a future on Project Runway.

But in that case, she better get over being so upset by dresses being torn apart, because the judges…

All Three Project Runway Judges Looking Judgey

have an eery resemblance to these two.Stepsisters Medium

15 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This…

  1. The poor child has an obsession with pink (which I totally understand) and does not want anything pink messed up (great tastes). I feel bad but the post is very funny. All the scary things in this world and Ali is unset over that pink dress. Yes, she may have a career in fashion.

  2. Too funny. My daughter is a little fashionista too, but that is her favorite scene. She loves reenacting it with me as Cinderella and her as the wicked stepsisters. I can't help but see her sadistic side when she grins and yells "Cry, Mama! Cry!" ;)

  3. I would LOVE to see Ali on Project Runway one day! Maybe ya'll should make a video of an "alternate" scene, one where the sisters don't tear up the pink dress.

  4. OMG you are hilarious! & totally right!!!

    I still can't watch Sleeping Beauty b/c it freaks me out. I think Snow White is much scarier than Cinderella, but her voice is is 10 times more annoying in its wee-ness. She sounds like she's been sucking helium.

  5. Snow White seems way scarier than Cinderella, but I guess it's all about your priorities. :) K's big thing is animals. She totally loves animals and can't get enough of them, but she will just randomly say, "I'm scared!" and when we ask why she says, "Animals! Tows, pids, horsies!" So weird! Yet she has no problem with them at any other time. It's interesting how their little minds work.

  6. Poor Ali, I guess she knew that was Cinderella's pretty, pretty princess dress and that she would be devastated if anything like that ever happened to one of her pretty,pretty princess dresses :)

  7. Poor Ali! I'm so sorry the pink dress destruction upset her.


    (one response makes the other response look sort of fake. It was genuine. No seriously. I am just… passionate about somethings)

  8. Ah…I feel bad for Ali and you know what, I found Snow White quite disturbing too but I totally don't remember it bothering me as a kid. But um….cut out her heart…and bring it back in this box?

  9. Those Disney movies are not always as family friendly as I thought they were. Ella freaks out. We skip through that one scene of Bambi and the beginning scene of Fox and the Hound and every Ursula part of The Little Mermaid, etc. So why do we continue watching it? (:

  10. I always hated that part too.
    Whenever things are irreplaceably destroyed in a movie it bothers me…though it is kind of funny that she didn’t mind snow white and the creepy witch.

  11. Cinderella’s wicked step sisters and step mother should get eaten by sharks and also lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

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