One more thing that I realized while I was at Blogher is that I don’t read hardly any “superstar” blogs. I kept having people around me talk about being starry eyed at all of the “celebrity” bloggers they had spotted over the weekend, and I would have no idea who they were talking about, and CERTAINLY wouldn’t have recognized them if I had seen them myself.

Over the past year, I have focused much more in interacting with you all, my readers and my friends, by reading your blogs, and have not really searched out for other blogs to read. Currently, other than my readers and the 5 Minutes for Mom sites, I read BooMama and Big Mama, but that’s about it.

And I’m not quite sure that I want to read a ton of other blogs because I want to continue to read my reader’s blogs first (I’m all about bloglationships, you see). But I do want to try it and see if it helps me hone my own writing and be able learn from them (besides the fact that I love to read a great blog).

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Somewhat humorous / entertaining blogs – not too deep or heady.
  • Fairly clean – I’m not at all of the mindset that cursing makes things funnier (unlike the humor “experts” at Blogher).

So, tell me what blogs you read!! And if you really want to help me out, tell me a little about them, their blog, and what they write about.


16 thoughts on “Survey Saturday: What Blogs Should I Read?

  1. I agree; there IS alot of benefit in reading blogs that we normally don't visit. I've got a few I visit but I guess it's all in who you consider "celebrity".
    I'm quite fond of these blogs and admire their writing:

    Nanny Goat in
    Attack of the Redneck Mommy
    Surrender, Dorothy
    Mayberry Mom

    Just google them and they'll come up!

  2. The Pioneer Woman is fanatastic. She is clean, funny, and just has lots of different things on her blog. And a lot of giveaways.

    Missy at It's Almost Naptime. Hilarious. Mommy of four and in the midst of it.

    I also like Coal Creek Farm and My Sister's Farmhouse. They are sisters and are funny. They are like Jill and I. Different as night and day, but they love each other like crazy.

  3. Definitely agree on the Pioneer Woman suggestion. That's probably the only "celebrity" blogger that I am a fan enough to recognize if i met in real life. LOL. other than that, the blogs I read the most are (like you said) people that read mine and friends or people that I stumble across and feel like I have something in common with…

  4. Rachel, I was just looking on my blogroll to see what to recommend and realized I did not have you on my blogroll. I.AM.SO.SORRY!

    You are my favorite real life blogger and I don't know how I left you off. Please forgive me, pretty please?

  5. I enjoy Anna Lefler at
    Shannon at

    Anna was at Blogher, by the way. You would have recognized her by her mustache. (That sounds like a mean joke, but if you look at her profile pic, you will totally get it.) She's very funny.

    Shannon has a lot of parenting adventures and writers for "Parenting" magazine. (How appropriate, no?)

    My head hurt after reading the word "bloglationships."

  6. I guess you and BooMama/BigMama are my "celebrity bloggers" because I haven't ever met any of you in person! Isn't is funny though how you get to "know" someone through their blog? Huh…

    You already read all my funny ones! The Pioneer Woman is good…and I would recommend reading you because the way you write CRACKS. ME. UP. but since you write it, I guess you don't have to read it. Again.

  7. Kind of funny how most of the famous bloggers have disappeared off my subscription list – not all – but the ones with zillions of comments who never acknowledge I exist…

    When I started, I checked out Africa blogs, since that's where I was at. That expanded to mommy blogs – especially with babies the same age. Then I got into toddler homeschool/Montessori blogs, then inspirational Christian blogs, then freebie/money saving blogs, and now book blogs. And I've made friends with lots of different types of folk along the way. But the ones that I've enjoyed following the most are those who comment on my blog! They may not have particularly brilliant writing or fresh ideas, but I like knowing them and what they are up to.

    A few mom blogs that may have universal appeal are:
    The Extraordinary Ordinary
    Suburb Sanity
    June Cleaver Nirvana

    And of course – your blog fits exactly the type of blog you are looking for! I love the humor…

  8. I've been reading at least one post a week of Wil Wheaton's blog for the last 4 years. I realize that you may be somewhat focused on "mommy blogs"(gawd I really dislike that moniker)but Wil often has related in the past his experiences as Step-Father to teen age boys, often in a humorous way.

    I read Escape from Cubicle nation at least once a week too. Pam is a smart woman and she is inspiring for those looking to escape their
    "8-5"s. She has attended BlogHer in the past I think.

    Freelance Switch is also a pretty neat blog, but not sure it's "superstar" status.

    As far as Superstars go, I sometimes read Robert Scoble and Problogger. Not humorous but informative.

    Thanks again for mainly reading and promoting your readers' blogs. Much appreciated.


  9. i didn't recognize any of the celebrity bloggers either! i'm just glad that you and i got to meet… and i'm still hoping to send you a post one of these days!

  10. The only celebrity blog I read is MckMama (My Charming Kids).
    I really like a blog called Fly Through My Window, the blogger's name is Darby and she is a friend of a friend, etc. from Auburn.
    I would call her a celebrity-in-the-making blogger, she has tons of readers and is a very down to earth, christian, crafty mommy blogger. She blogs about everything from her kids to cooking & sewing to her thrift store finds.

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