First off – If you hadn’t noticed, I decided to have a spur-of-the-moment giveaway-fest. Of course, the timing was over a long holiday weekend, so there aren’t nearly as many entries as usual, which means that if you haven’t entered, you need to get right over and enter, because your chances of winning are good!!! There are 11 prizes up for grabs, for a total value of $235!!!

Here are the giveaways:

  1. Win one of five CDs from The Taubl Family (Grasping for Objectivity)
  2. Win 1 of 2 $25 GC’s from Birmingham Menus (Alabama Bloggers)
  3. Win 1 of 2 $25 GC’s from Birmingham Menus (Grasping For Objectivity)
  4. Historic Photos of University of Alabama Football (Grasping for Objectivity)
  5. Historic Photos of University of Alabama Football (Alabama Bloggers)

These giveaways are open to anyone and everyone, so get on over and enter!!

Secondly, I have scheduled another Alabama Bloggers meet-up scheduled for THIS FRIDAY, July 10th!! It’s at Jim N Nicks in Homewood (Oxmoor Road) at 11:30am. There are already 25 people RSVP’ed, and I have the whole back room reserved for our party!

At the last meet-up, we had an AMAZING time!! It was so much fun, and quite hilarious. There were 18 people that came, but do you know what? I think there was only one, maybe two people that were my blog readers that came. I knew almost NO ONE!!

I managed to not completely melt through the floor from social awkwardness due to being at a table with 18 strangers, but this time that’s not going to happen!! Because You’re coming, right???

I want you all to plan on being there – got it? Comment on this post and let me know if you can make it – I’m trying to keep up with a head count this time so that we’re not so smooshed around the table.

Thirdly, I thought you might want to see the final blog design of the winner of the Reader Appreciation Giveaway. I must say – this was a really FUN one to do – how often do you get to do a quirky Chemistry design for a blog? Anyway, click on over to Laura’s blog and check it out!!

I also did a redesign for my long-time friend Ann Marie at Le Blog De Ree, if you want to check that one out too. Ann Marie is a designer to the core, so I figured it would be super hard to please her. But I must say, it was the easiest blog design ever!! Maybe it’s because I’ve known her since High School…or maybe she was just being nice.

Okay – so that’s the news!! To summarize, your orders are:
1. Enter all of the contests listed above.
2. COME TO THE MEET-UP ON FRIDAY!! I don’t CARE if you live in England or Washington or Florida or Ohio or North Carolina or WHEREVER – be there!!

6 thoughts on “Announcements, Meet-Up Info, And Useless Information in General

  1. Ha! I'm pretty easy to please…I'm not being "just nice"
    besides, as soon as I learn how to do it myself, I can change when the design whim hits! ;)
    turns out i have to close the office on friday, so i cant make the meet up at 1130…too early. Boo!
    But i'll call you about coming over friday after i get off. maybe around 3?

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