So, Ali and I went to the mall today. We had to pick up a few things and do a bit of “Girly” shopping.

(As opposed to simply hanging out at the Mall with Daddy on Friday. I prefer to shop alone. Or at least with only a two year old companion.)

On a whim, I decided to work up my courage and actually APPROACH a perfume clerk. I told myself, “She’ll be nice. . .she’ll be glad to help you. She won’t scoff your request for cranberry perfume.”

But she wasn’t nice. She barely paid attention to me, and stopped talking to me mid-sentence when her boss came by so that she could tell her that she needed her vacation time straightened out.

Yeah, professional.

However, she did say, rather boredly in an I-Know-You’re-Not-About-To-Make-A-Purchase-From-Me sort of way, “It’s probably one of the more summer scents – they tend to be more fruity. Try this, this and this.”

Surprisingly enough, two of the three that she pointed out had NOT, in fact, been smelled on our previous hunts, and they actually smelled pretty close to what Chris had described. So I spritzed them on cards and one on each wrist.

And I started to get excited.

Had I found the Holy Grail of perfume??

The ironic part, however, was the brand. The two possibilities were the same brand, and they were not exactly a company that I had a lot in common with. In fact, I actually made fun of them in Saturday’s post, completely unrelated to perfume.

Yeah. Juicy Couture.


And, of course, since Ali’s been drug around on all of these perfume hunts and she’s starting to take interest in “smelling fings”, she wanted to have some on her also. So I stood as far back as I possibly could from her and sprayed mostly-the-air-in-between-she-and-I with Juicy Couture perfume.

She has smelled her wrist all day long.

I know. I’m a horrible Mom.

However, when we got home tonight, I proudly presented my wrists and the corresponding cards to my sweet husband.

He inhaled.

He thought.

He smiled.

He got this far off look in his eye.

He smiled again.

He said, “That’s so weird. My heart rate has definitely increased.”

And, although he’s not giving it a 100% yes-that-is-definitely-the-IT-perfume, he is saying that it is as close as we’ve ever come, and it definitely has “The Magical Scent” that we’ve been searching for.

So I may be making a midnight run to Sephora for Viva La Juicy tonight.VivaLaJuicy

I know. The bottle is about as classy as a 90’s back-windshield air freshener.

I can only hope that it doesn’t come in a gift set with a matching pair of horrendous “Juicy” shorts.

However, ever since I spritzed her with magical scent, Ali has unfortunately bought in – hook, line and sinker :

IMG_1147 copy

Funny. “Juicy” is much more appropriate on a diaper than on shorts.

16 thoughts on “Just Call Me Sherlock of Perfume.

  1. OH My goodness! I hate the juicy butt stuff, but you just gave me a newfound appreciation for it!

    Juicy diaperbutt! LOL!

  2. Yep, that seems about right. If you made fun of it and that's really it, you should be forced to wear "juicy" shorts. ON FRIDAY. Oh yeah.


  3. LOL! That pic of Ali is totally adorable! And yes, Juicy on a diaper is perfect, but I'm sure not what the ad execs had in mind at all!

    And that bottle! Oh. my. gosh. Were they trying to see how tacky they could be? If so, then, good job, people!

  4. Isn't that the way, the one brand you don't want to purchase is the one you need.

    Ali's picture is adorable and Juicy is definitely more appropiate for a diaper than shorts. Which I too hate and never quite understood. I didn't know the one's that said Juicy were a brand.

  5. Too ironic and too hilarious. I think I would find a way to put it in another prettier bottle though!

  6. that is too funny! especially since you just made fun of it. and now your little scent detective will be wanting to smell everything. :)

  7. oh my. that was hilarious. LOVE the diaper. so much better than the horrendous "ironic words on the butt" thing!

  8. ROFL at the Juicy nappy :)

    This was quite the testimonial. I may have to go to Sephora this week and check out this perfume!

  9. Okay, I hate the clothing, I loathe the overprice purses, but I have to admit, I do wear Juicy Couture perfume. I smelled it on a card and loved it before I knew what the brand was.

    Glad you found something very close to the holy grail of scents!

  10. That is hilarious, I laughed out loud when I saw the Juicy diaper picture! Glad you might have found the mystery perfume!

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