The Opposite of StormChasing.

The Alabama Weather Scene has changed since I was a kid. Not in content so much – I remember tornadoes and warnings and staying indoors as things were flying about Wizard-Of-Oz style from my youth. My mom claims to have sat in a rocking chair on the front porch with me in her arms while […]

Twenty Minutes Away: Revisited.

Sunday was the three year anniversary of Alabama’s unforgettable Tornado Outbreak, the day that brought us 62 tornadoes, killed 140 people, and injured thousands. Two days after 4/27/11, Prince William and Princess Kate wed. And two days after that, Osama Bin Laden was killed. Needless to say, the national news quickly forgot the fact that […]


One year ago today changed my life forever. But yet, the damage to me personally was so miniscule compared to thousands of other people in my state, some living only twenty minutes away. Like bear claws ripping through flesh, 62 tornadoes tormented Alabama, forever altering the course of 691 miles of our beautiful state. Photo […]

Alabama’s Recurring Nightmare.

Thank you all for your concerned tweets, comments, emails, and Facebook messages yesterday. We are okay. Living in Alabama, as much as I adore it otherwise, is beginning to feel like a nasty game of Tornado Roulette. Just the mention of tornadoes has a vastly different impact on me (and most likely the rest of […]

Christmas, Eight Months Later.

April 27. Two hundred and eleven tornadoes – in one day. Two hundred and forty three deaths – in Alabama alone. Six months have come and gone since that horrific day that forever changed our state. And, even though it felt like it wouldn’t, life goes on.  But not without it’s scars. So many people’s […]

Twenty Minutes Away.

We took Ali with us today to have the opportunity to give away some of her toys, and to help serve our community. We fixed Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and served BBQ donated by Jim N Nick’s to tornado victims and volunteers.   And I am not naive in thinking that what Ali saw today won’t […]

What You’ve Done for Alabama.

If anyone still doesn’t believe that “Internet Friends” are just as real as “In Real Life Friends”, then they’ve never been in a crisis situation. To help with tornado relief, you have ordered over $1,200 of items off of the Christian Service Mission’s Amazon Wish List (you’re part of the reason that UPS had to […]

Relief Updates…and…Couponing Advice Needed!

I’ve been able to share about some new Tornado relief options on two other blogs lately, so I wanted to update here as well. And I know that I’m talking a LOT about our tornadoes right now – I hope you’ll understand and bear with me – but that’s quite simply our life right now.  […]

How To Be a Tornado Relief Hero By Using Social Media.

We all know that in the past, disaster relief has been a disaster.  Katrina, Ivan, the Oil Spills – they’ve all been a nightmare of unhelpful help.  There’s administration.  And paperwork.  And too many people wanting to help with not enough people being able to point them in a direction.  And politics – different relief […]

My “How to Help” Recommendations.

I’m going to go back to “normal” blogging next week, although I’ll still be, I’m sure, in tornado-mindset personally. However, many of you have asked how you can help, so I wanted to compile a list of a few easy ways to help the many hurting people of our state. But first, here is a […]