Blupdate? Blogdate? Upblog?

We are currently on our way home from the beach. I’m sure I’ll post more pictures later in the week, but there’s just a ton of tidbits that I haven’t had the chance to share on here in the past few days, so this post is the ever-random update post. First of all, if you’ve […]

Just Call Me Sherlock of Perfume.

So, Ali and I went to the mall today. We had to pick up a few things and do a bit of “Girly” shopping. (As opposed to simply hanging out at the Mall with Daddy on Friday. I prefer to shop alone. Or at least with only a two year old companion.) On a whim, […]

How To Spend a Non-Holiday Holiday.

Being that Independence Day is on Saturday, us, along with most of the rest of the (lucky) world also had Friday as a holiday. Which is the best sort of holiday: a holiday with absolutely no strings, plans, or anything else attached. So we started out by going back to Spring Valley Beach, and took […]

The Secret Lies with Charlotte Pink Dial Foamy Soap.

So if you’ve been around for a while, you might remember that my husband has a crush. If not, go click on that link and catch up. The basic idea is that there is a perfume, somewhere out there in the world, that my husband smells periodically, and finds it the most romantic aroma in […]

My Husband Has a Crush.

We went Christmas shopping on Sunday as a family. We had pretty much finished buying for everyone else, but we hadn’t finished shopping for each other. Being that we are pretty practical people, we typically do this in a very unromantic style of shopping together. So we went into Sephora because I told Chris that […]