Say it Forward Friday – Bloglationships.

Hi, you! Oh, quit looking over your shoulder – I’m talking to you. You see, I want more than to just be a silly blog to be read. I want bloglationships. I treasure my bloglationships. I love knowing you, interacting with you, and you being a part of my life like I am a part […]

Say it Forward Friday: Christie and Deidre

I want to use this Say it Forward Friday to introduce you to a brand new blogger and my good friend, Christie. Her husband, Jarrod, has been blogging for a while, but Christie decided that she wanted to start a blog to chronicle her boy’s lives. I have been amazed at Christie’s natural talent for […]

Say It Forward Friday: Jennifer, Jaci, and Ann Marie.

It’s time for another Say it Forward Friday!! I have a themed Say it Forward Friday this week!! I am featuring three commenters that go to my church and I pass in the hallways all the time, but now I know them better, solely because of blogging. Blogging and commenting on other people’s blogs are […]

Say it Forward Fridays

5 Minutes for Mom, always on their toes, has a new feature column. Say it Forward Fridays is an opportunity for us to appreciate our commenters in a new way, which is to feature them in a post and talk about how smashingly awesome they are. Here’s the information on the new column, and here’s […]