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It’s time for another Say it Forward Friday!!

I have a themed Say it Forward Friday this week!! I am featuring three commenters that go to my church and I pass in the hallways all the time, but now I know them better, solely because of blogging.

Blogging and commenting on other people’s blogs are amazing tools for keeping up with and really connecting with people that you might never connect that much with otherwise. It is just another reason that I am totally in love with it!

So, without further ado, today’s featured commenters are:

Jennifer – Of Heaven and Earth – Jennifer and I have gone to church together since we were both kids. We are connected in so many ways – she graduated one year after my husband at SMCS, her brother was my cousin’s best friend, we’ve played on the praise team together, and on and on. But we never really connected or talked much – but now that we have gotten to know each other through blogging, I consider her a great friend! She has three adorable kids and we enjoyed going to her youngest, Amy Beth’s, Birthday party last week:

Ali especially enjoyed her party favor, makeup – an idea that Jennifer got because of my posts about her love of makeup:
Amy Beth, however, preferred the cake:
Ali LOVED (rather overpoweringly) “showing” Amy Beth how to use her new toys:
But Amy Beth caught on to what was going on here and learned the “death grip to the heart” to keep Ali from “helping” her with her coins:
I love how she has that extra measure of security for her coin by using her chin.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and getting to know me better, Jennifer!!

Jaci – The Spains – Jaci and I have even been in the same Sunday School class for years, but we had never hung out together until we connected through blogging. Our girls LOVE each other, and have so much fun together!!

We went to the park a few weeks ago, and Mia and Averi loved swinging so much. . .
that their peer pressure got Ali in the swing for a few minutes (a newly developed fear of swinging has kept her from thoroughly enjoying the playground over the past few months – thanks, Mia and Averi!!)
Thanks for being a part of my blog, Jaci!!

Ann Marie – Le Blog De Ree – Ann Marie and I have also known each other for years, and, as she wrote about not too long ago, used to be quite close friends!! But not until AFTER my brother broke up with her. :) But changes in life and small groups and everything in the world got us out of touch.

However, over the past year, I’ve really loved getting to get re-acquainted with her via our blogs. I don’t really have a recent picture to illustrate our relationship, but Ann Marie and I have been in many, many weddings together (including both of our own, where we were each others maid and matron of honor, but alas, those were the days before (gasp) digital photography, so I don’t have those pictures on my computer), so here is a picture of us in the last wedding we enjoyed together, my brother JC and Lindsay’s:
I’m on the bottom left (duh!) and Ann Marie is on the top right.
Thanks, Ann Marie, for being a silent encourager to start a blog, and for loyally reading mine!

Please be sure to visit my beloved featured commenter’s blogs by clicking on their names, and be sure to say hello!! And don’t forget to check back next Friday. . .you never know when you might be featured!!!

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10 thoughts on “Say It Forward Friday: Jennifer, Jaci, and Ann Marie.

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my blog:) We have enjoyed getting to know ya’ll better over the past year or so…

  2. Thanks for featuring me and for considering me a great friend! The feeling is mutual! And I love those pics from the party! I didn’t notice Amy Beth holding onto her coins like that. Too funny! Having that head cold with a pounding headache at that point and trying to keep up with everything made me miss out on those cute moments. I’m glad someone else was there to catch a few of them for me.

    And just for clarification – I play in the “orchestra”. You played in the “praise band”. There IS a difference. LOL – just kidding!!!

  3. Well I wasn’t going to point out your obviously inferior status to mine by defining the technicalities of the difference between praise team and orchestra. ;)

  4. Hey, it takes a LOT of talent for 5 people to call ourselves an orchestra! : )

    And how many guitars does one praise band need, anyway? LOL!

  5. Hey Rach – This is random, but do you have any more digital pics from our wedding? We have zero. In fact, the only pics we have are the hard copies we ordered (which weren’t that many). Can you send me what you have?

  6. Aww thanks Rach! I’m honored! :)
    I’m so glad we’ve been able to keep up with each other over the past few years via blogs and facebook!

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