Hi, you!

Oh, quit looking over your shoulder – I’m talking to you.

You see, I want more than to just be a silly blog to be read.

I want bloglationships. I treasure my bloglationships.

I love knowing you, interacting with you, and you being a part of my life like I am a part of yours.

Which is why I always read and try to regularly comment on every single one my reader’s blogs if I know about them. Every one of you. I love it!

The two-way street creates two-sided relationships, which really I value as much as real and in person friendships, whether I’ve ever met you or not.

For instance, I have friends like Carol, Mama Hen (who, by the way, has a great giveaway at her blog ending tonight!!!), AmyG, AmyK, Esme and her Mommy, The Wade’s, Bethany, Jasmin, Stephanie, Steph, and Nell that I don’t know in “real life” and most likely wouldn’t ever know were it not for them commenting on my blog, and then me getting to know them by reading and commenting on theirs.

And plus, there are a number of non-bloggers that I know just from their comments, like Leanna and Mary Kate.

And then the people that I really do know live and in person – oh my goodness how much richer I feel like our friendships have become since you have begun reading my blog and I have read yours.

And I really have immensely enjoyed creating these friendships.

If I’m talking to one of you, thank you for reaching out and being my friend. Thank you for our bloglationship!

If I’m talking to someone who hasn’t yet introduced themselves or said hi, please do – whether you have a blog or not. I love new friends. I love making this blog thing a two way street and reading your blogs, and I cherish all of your comments and input more than you know.

I feel like my blog is one big family – me, Chris, Ali, and all of my readers. If it weren’t for you, I certainly wouldn’t have the motivation to do this, and to constantly strive to be better at it.

Thanks for your bloglationship.

17 thoughts on “Say it Forward Friday – Bloglationships.

  1. Ok Rachel so I have been a lurker over here for a while now. I will not say how long cause that may qualify me for a restraining order of somesort. haha.

    But I love this place you have here and thoroughly enjoy reading it every day.

  2. I am very grateful that I have met you through your blog. You are a great friend to have even if it is through the long distance world of blogs.

  3. I feel like I know your family so well now because of your blog! I’m so glad that we’ve become good friends and that you live right around the block from me! Say….the weather is getting awfully nice again. Maybe you all can come over one evening for hamburgers and hotdogs. Chase can make a mean “dip-dip” for Ali!

  4. AWWWW…yes I too am glad that we can keep up with each other’s lives via blogs/FB/Twitter! Love ya!

  5. Oh I agree 100%. I absolutely treasure some of the friendships I’ve made through blogging…I love looking in on a small slice of everyone’s daily lives!

  6. Rachel,

    I truly enjoy our blog friendship. How couldn’t I? Reading yours, seeing your family, and seeing pictures of Ali puts a smile on my face.

    By the way, my husband and I went on a date tonight. We had dinner and proceeded to go to the Gap. Why you ask? Ahem…to buy new jeans. :-) It wasn’t successful, but the search has begun! I will find a great fit soon. I have a couple that don’t fit into the “mom jeans” category, but I’m wearing them out.

    Keep bloggin’, my friend.

  7. Even though you know me better than you might even want to in real life, this blog makes me feel I am still around you all every day and makes me happy all the time. This is the greatest way to keep up when you are far away. LYB, kitty

  8. Thanks for having a great blog Rachel.I love reading it everyday.And I’m enjoying watching Ali grow up.I’ll be reading your blog until we’re both too old to write one.lol

  9. Oh goodness, I’m so glad I stopped by again today. I love my online relationships. In fact I met one of my best friends online. We met about 6 years ago. Today, there is nothing we don’t know about the other. Anyway, glad again I stopped by again :)

  10. i’ve been thinking about bloglationships today too and you came to mind. i have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and building a friendship that would never be if comments didn’t exist:) thanks for faithfully posting on mine!

  11. Hi Rachel,
    I found you through your incredible post about jeans. I think it may have changed my life!

    I am eager to stick around and see what else I can learn!

  12. I know what you mean. I’ve met some amazing women because of blogging and tweeting. You’re one of them!


  13. oh thanks for mentioning me. that really put a smile on my face. one day we’ll have to meet “in person” instead of just blogland. :)

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