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I want to use this Say it Forward Friday to introduce you to a brand new blogger and my good friend, Christie. Her husband, Jarrod, has been blogging for a while, but Christie decided that she wanted to start a blog to chronicle her boy’s lives.

I have been amazed at Christie’s natural talent for blogging. She is already writing as if she has been blogging for months!!

I am suspicious that she has been writing a fake blog to get up to speed and now is wowing us with her secret experience.

But if that’s not true, I suppose some of her author-husband’s skillz have been rubbing off on her.

Christie and Jarrod are in our small group, and so you may remember some of my posts about them, including duking it out during small group, or my giveaway for Jarrod’s books.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Christie!!

I would also like to give you a tip to another awesome blog, Deidre. She is also in our small group (since I’m all about a themed Say it Forward Friday and all).

Deidre’s blog chronicles the miraculous journey of their precious daughter Kendall’s adoption, which was finalized last year. Kendall is from Guatemala, and is a beautiful almost-two-year-old that we all prayed to get here for a LONG time. Her story is a great one to read!!

AND they are currently in Orlando introducing Kendall to Disney World, so I completely expect a really great blog post with lots of new pictures sometime next week. Or, for that matter, sometime this weekend after Kendall goes to bed. Not to pressure you or anything.

These are both really great blogs – be sure to check them out by clicking on their names, and leave them a comment, letting them know you stopped by!!!

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4 thoughts on “Say it Forward Friday: Christie and Deidre

  1. This is my first time participating with Say it Forward which is such a neat idea! I love it! :)

    It’s neat your friends in your small group also have blogs and are encouraging to you. What a great opportunity!

  2. Rachel, I am just now seeing this! I am so flattered and appreciative.
    Thanks for posting this. Oh, the pressure now…

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