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5 Minutes for Mom, always on their toes, has a new feature column. Say it Forward Fridays is an opportunity for us to appreciate our commenters in a new way, which is to feature them in a post and talk about how smashingly awesome they are. Here’s the information on the new column, and here’s this week’s column.

I of course have to start with my all-time top commenter, Gina. First of all, because she’s left like 10,362 comments on my blog (okay, just a slight exaggeration. Maybe 10,162.), but more so because SHE GOT ENGAGED ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT!! I’m so happy for her and am excited about the wedding to come. Congratulations, Gina!! Please hop on over to her blog and tell her congratulations for me!

Another one of my regular commenters is Mama Hen. She always has a great comment, and her blog is fun to read also. I especially like it because she homeschools, and she writes about all kinds of things that bring back memories form my childhood. She lives in the same city as I do, but we’ve never met. Other than in bloggy world, of course.

One more commenter then I’ll quit for this week: Carol. Again, I’ve never met her, but she is a lot of fun and her blog is extremely interesting, because they are an American family that moved to England last year. They also homeschool, and are having many adventures “across the pond” – and beautiful pictures!

Thanks to all of my commenters, and keep an eye out, because I might be featuring you one Friday soon!!! And, if you would LIKE to be featured, leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do! :D

6 thoughts on “Say it Forward Fridays

  1. No. According to my handy-dandy-super-dorky-but-very-objective-and-therefore-fits-nicely-with-my-blog-title spreadsheet, you have left 271 comments, which out of 473 posts, means you have commented on 57% of my posts. You’re behind!!! Get BUSY!!! ;)

  2. Oh my girl, your blog is simply adorable!!! Btw, my youngest dd is named Rachel, so I love your signature. :) Oh I so need to get a custom layout for my blog. LOL Visiting all these blogs through this carnival is inspiring.

    Karen @ Lil Momma’s Haven

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