My Shark-Like Cleaning Abilities..and a Giveaway worth $99!

On Thanksgiving day, I found myself taking a small break between cleaning my entire house and both sides of our family arriving for dinner. As I sat on the couch with my feet up, I realized that I had just used THREE Shark cleaning products, all in one day, to prepare my house for the […]

Ninja Resultage

So I haven’t reviewed my Ninja yet because I’ve been too busy playing with it for the last few weeks and trying to put everything into practice that I learned about it in New York. I’ve found what I like and what I don’t like to use it for, but overall love it! The first […]

NYC, From A (Blogger’s) Observation Deck

I’m back safe and sound in my happy little Birmingham now, after my grand adventures in The Big City. Having never been to New York City before, I learned a LOT. Some things that I learned were confirmations of the way I had always “heard” it was. The stereotypes of taxi drivers – totally true. […]

I’m Going to be a Ninja When I Grow Up.

Today was The Big Event, aka the reason that I am in New York City. The event was held at the breathtaking Mandarin Oriental Hotel right in front of Central Park: We were on the 35th floor, and the views were magnetic to all of our over-eager blogger cameras: Only problem: The dang glass (note […]

Barack Obama is a Mommy-Blogger Wannabe.

So you may or may not remember that while I was in Chicago for Blogher, Barack Obama was also there. (I, Of course, assumed that he would be speaking on a panel at BlogHer, but he was oddly missing. I think he might have had hurt feelings by the discriminatory presence of “Her” in the […]