Augh! I forgot to randomly pick and announce the winner of The Artist Within yesterday!! And the winner is…Lianne! Congrats!

So I’ve been sitting on some exciting news for a few weeks because I just haven’t really known how to bring it up without sounding – you know – like I think I’m a “somebody” blogger. So I don’t know any other way to say this than: I am NOT anywhere close to being an anybody AT ALL, nor do I think I am or pretend to be or think I will be anytime in the near future.

There. Now that we’ve cleared that up, a week from today, I will be flying to New York City!

I was invited to a Food Network Event with a couple dozen other bloggers, at which we will get to meet Food Network Star Robin Miller as she cooks us gourmet food for the debut/press release of a new cookware product, the Ninja!

(It will be kind of like being at a middle of the night infomercial, except that I am the person in the audience that gets to actually eat the food!!!)

Seriously, though, the Ninja looks like an awesome new product that will make the creation of some of my favorite products much easier – including smoothies, chicken salad (of which I am a connoisseur but have never attempted to make myself), and tzatziki sauce. I can’t wait to see it demonstrated and try it out for myself!

Of course I’ll be taking all of you along on the adventure with me, and since I’ve never been to New York City, I’m SURE that there will be adventure!

(Hopefully I won’t walk blocks and blocks only to find myself at the wrong building again, though. We’ll just leave those type of adventures in Chicago.)

I just hope that at no time in the next week do THEY realize that I’m not a “somebody” blogger and rescind my invitation!

Shhh…don’t tell them.

Blogger Integrity Information: Although my travel and accommodation is being provided by the host company for this trip, they are not paying me for or requesting that I blog about their product. All opinions that I have shared or will share in the future are my own opinions.

20 thoughts on “I’m Not Really a Fan of Apples, But I Know I’m Going to Love the Big One.

  1. I understand you not wanting people to think you are "all that", and appreciate your humility, but the fact is you are such a wonderful blogger. I so enjoy reading your stuff. I hope you have a great time in NYC. I loved it when I went!

  2. I won??? I won!!! Yay!

    So, what I really want know is how I can get signed up for these all-expenses paid trips. You need to share this info…ummm…NOW.

    ("It slices, it dices, it does your taxes!" You better start practicing your oohs and ahhs.)

  3. Wow! So exciting! I'm so jealous. I love watching Robin Miller's show on Food Network.
    Can't wait to hear about the trip!

  4. Thanks so much, everyone!

    To answer your questions:

    Ann Marie: I will only be there one night – from midday Wednesday to late Thursday night. I can't stand to be away from Ali and Chris any longer or I'll get homesick lilke last time! I don't think I'll need Subway maps, but I'll let you know! Thanks!!

    Mama Hen: Please do!! I need some company!!!

    Cathy and Lianne: I seriously have no idea. They invited me. I wish I did, though!

  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting!

    And by the way, you are BY FAR my favorite blogger…even (maybe especially!) up against those "somebody" bloggers. :)

    When I'm telling my husband about your latest hilarious blog I always "my friend Rachel" not "you know, that blog I read about such and such…who gets a million hits a day but who has NO idea who I actually am". Haha :)

  6. You are SOMEBODY and you are awesome! I think you're a great blogger. Am I just sucking up so you'll buy me a chocolate cake Friday? NO> :)

  7. Wow, I love that it is called THE NINJA! I think you will be with my friend Naomi. She is cool so be sure to sit near her. ;)

  8. You so a someone blogger lady. Wish that I was going to be walking blocks with you in NYC, and perhaps even taxi adventure number 2.
    I wonder if you will get taken to a surreal party that smells of burgers full of women with bags on their heads.
    Well you never know!

    big hugs, a wanna be someone blogger. xx

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