So I haven’t reviewed my Ninja yet because I’ve been too busy playing with it for the last few weeks and trying to put everything into practice that I learned about it in New York. I’ve found what I like and what I don’t like to use it for, but overall love it!

The first thing I had to try, of course, were smoothies. I unpacked it and got it set up and admired the double bladeage, ready to chop the ever livin’ daylights out of some fruit:IMG_4062
The top is where the motor is – it just sits on top and you push down on it to make the blades do their thing:IMG_4094

I decided to see if I could make an all-fruit smoothie, aka no ice OR sugar. So I started with a pint of FROZEN blueberries:IMG_4065

And three peaches:IMG_4066
Ali helped me get it all loaded in: IMG_4069Then quickly ran to the other side of the room, as she knew there would be loud noises to follow.

Here’s what it looked like to start out:IMG_4075
And here’s what it looked like, 31 seconds later:IMG_4079

I will say that Ali did LITERALLY pee her pants from the noise. I would show you the video of the above smoothie making, but halfway through it, Ali starts squealing from her oopsie, and it kind of ruins the effect.

I ended up adding ice after all – the blueberry to peach ratio was all wrong to be cold enough. But putting ice in with the already smoothied fruits didn’t seem to bother it, and we had lovely now-COLD smoothies.

The blade thankfully lifts right out, which makes pouring and cleanup easier:IMG_4080
And here was the result of my “hard” work:IMG_4084(No, we didn’t come close to drinking it all – I froze the rest for sorbets for later.)

But Ali DID love what she drank!


(After receiving a dry pair of drawers.)

I liked the cleanup – it rinsed clean very easily (no crevices to build up yuck like my blender has):IMG_4091
The next week, I compiled all of your recipe advice and decided to attempt chicken salad. I used the smaller container to chop my celery really fine:IMG_4110


Then, after cooking my chicken in Nabeel’s Greek Dressing and chopping it into big chunks,IMG_4117
I put it in the big container along with the rest of the most commonly agreed-upon ingredients:IMG_4119

Now I have to say, the Ninja did it’s job admirably, but

  1. I was making up my recipe as I went along, so I kept adding more of this and more of that. It chopped everything finer and finer as I added things. I would recommend making sure you have your recipe at least mostly down pat before using the Ninja on something that you don’t want over-chopped, and
  2. My chicken salad totally STANK. I hated it. Besides the fact that I didn’t like the taste, it literally stank – it smelled like cat food. I guess that’s the risk of trying to make something for the first time that you are totally obsessed with – your own version will never measure up to the professionals.

I also used the Ninja another night to just chop an onion for a casserole. I wasn’t as pleased with the results – I felt that it didn’t give them as nice of a consistency as my food processor, which slices them very thinly. The Ninja definitely chops, not slices. So if you want slices, don’t ask Mr. Ninja.

So, finally, I made a smoothie in the correct order: starting with the ice, then adding the fruit.

The ice turned to snow in less than a minute: IMG_4156 IMG_4157
Then I added my peaches, and got this:

Beautiful AND Delish.

In summary, here are my pointers on the Ninja:

  • Great cleanup – super easy to set up, use, and tear down. Also – the containers come with lids, so they can directly store whatever you made.
  • Awesome for blending things COMPLETELY.
  • It IS fairly loud – make sure that all children present in the room are FULLY potty-trained.
  • Slicing – not so much. The Ninja is Mr. Choppy, not Mr. Slicey.
  • The easiest and most excellent smoothie maker ever.
  • I stink at chicken salad, but the Ninja does it’s job nicely.
  • Definitely WAY worth the cheaper-than-my-blender pricetag!!!

If you would like to know how to purchase a Ninja, go here – and they currently have free shipping!!

Blogger Integrity Information: I was not paid to write this review. I was given a Ninja for the purpose of this review, but my opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “Ninja Resultage

  1. The company that makes the Ninja makes the Shark cleaning products too. Those are more products that they sent me to review. They were in that pic because I think I took that the day I received it all in the mail!

  2. Yes I really would like one and since I have a birthday and Christmas right around the corner maybe Santa could see fit to get me one. What do you think? I have tried to be be real good this year.

  3. Yummy, I want a smoothie now!

    Do you get to keep all of the things they send you to review? If so, I need to start blogging :P

  4. I might want to get one of these and get rid of my blender and my smoothie maker. This looks like it was more effective, cheaper, and takes the place of the other two space-hogging appliances. Thanks for the review!

  5. Jill – I totally need to have a blogger get-together smoothie party. That would be awesome!

    Marie – I hope to get to them soon for sure!

    Kitty – is that a formal request for an add to the Christmas list? You have to be careful and only ask one Santa for each gift, you know!

    Elizabeth – Yup, I do! Blogging is awesome – come join us!

    Jackamo – Too true. Although I hear that your kitchen likes over-appliantage…

  6. Wow! I'm going to ask for one of those for Christmas, and I think it would make a great gift for family members! When I come over next week, can I see a "live" demonstration – and taste the results? :)

  7. I like that it looks easy to clean. I never use my blender or any appliance like that b/c it is too much of a pain to clean.

  8. Hi there! I've been searching the internet for reviews of the Ninja, and yours is the best I've seen, so thank you!! I do have a quick question for you I hope you can answer before I purchase one. For your smoothie, did it really puree your blueberries & peaches, so that you could drink it through a straw? I have a magic-bullet-like blender, and it leaves things too chunky so that I can't use a straw. And that part grosses me out. (I'm one who doesn't like pulp in OJ.) Thanks so much for your time! :-) Kimberly

  9. Hi Kimberly! Your profile wouldn't show up when I clicked on it, so I'll answer here and hope you check back.

    I always drink my smoothies through a straw, so yes – it definitely purees it enough for straws.

    If you mix something with small seeds (blueberries, strawberries), there will still be seeds, and the skins from the fruits will be in very small bits, but nothing that precludes using a straw. I found the consistency nice. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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