The Reality Test.

Two years ago, I tested Ali’s grasp of reality. It was on a whim while driving down the road after she asked me, “Are fireflies real?” The question made me realize how unrealistic some real things are, and how believable some imaginary things can be. I mean really. A bug whose butt rhythmically lights up? […]

Music Therapy in Textual Relationships.

Just a couple of days after I wrote my latest installment in the bathroom flooding fallout, we were eating a nice, peaceful breakfast when Ali calmly observed, “Huh. Look at the ceiling – there’s new water up there.” I jerked my head up, praying to God that she was wrong. But she was not. There […]

A Revisit to The Willpower Experiment.

You know that bizarre phenomenon where you go to bed thinking “I’ve got to get up at 6 AM tomorrow”, and then you wake up, with no alarm, at 5:59? Or does that just happen to me? (Not recently, obviously – my baby alarm goes off EVERY morning before I’m ready to get up.) Last […]

On Grasping Reality…or Not.

A couple of weeks ago, Ali asked me.. “Mommy – are fireflies real?” “Of course they are, sweetie!” ..but then I got to thinking about it, and it totally made sense.  We hadn’t been outside late enough this year to see any, and if I were her, which one seems more realistic – a bug […]

Let’s Play!

NEVER HAVE I EVER… … been summoned for jury duty – although I’ve always wanted to be. … fainted – although I’ve secretly thought it would be fun. … gotten, nor wanted, a tattoo. … lived alone – I went to college in town, got married when I was 19, and moved straight from my […]