… been summoned for jury duty – although I’ve always wanted to be.

… fainted – although I’ve secretly thought it would be fun.

… gotten, nor wanted, a tattoo.

… lived alone – I went to college in town, got married when I was 19, and moved straight from my parent’s house to my husband’s house.

… even stayed alone for more than 3 nights. Yet I did travel internationally by myself when I was 16 years old.

… been on a date with anyone but Chris.

… been to Six Flags, despite the fact that there is one only 2 hours from my house.

And now I absolutely must show you how my iPhone’s autocorrect took down my notes for this blog post:

Stayed alone bit have flown Inge atop ally along
Dated Myomere nut chris
been to sex flags

I love autocorrect.

And now it’s your turn: What have you never done?

59 thoughts on “Let’s Play!

  1. Auto correct is cah-rah-zay!

    I have never…
    *Gotten a tatoo (but I do want one, Chad not sold yet)
    *been to the smithsonian (all that history! In several buildings!)
    *lived truly alone (went from home to college to live with spouse)
    *worn a bikini (and short of an engraved message directly FROM GOD, it will not happen–no one wants to see that)
    *ridden a motorcycle (kinda want to, think it might be fun)

    *hmmmm, can’t think of anything else (How sad is that?!?)

    1. My Dad rode us all around on his motorcycle when we were kids, going way too fast and thrilling us by going airborne over hills. Since he was my Dad and I was a kid, I trusted him completely and loved it. Now – they scare me to death. Darn growing up.

  2. I’ve certainly never been to sex flags! Or dated anyone as exotic sounding as Myomere… you certainly do lead an exciting life, Rachel! :)

  3. That is a fun post!

    I think I am on night 250 alone (and that’s just for this year!). I guess I have had my children with me though…they count right? And I didn’t get married until I was 25…that’s impressive that you’ve never been alone for more than 3 nights!

    Anyways, I have never:

    * been to Disneyland even though I lived in CA for a year
    * eaten sushi
    * had a c section
    * visited Twitter
    * lived anywhere but in the North (other than my year in CA)

    1. You are a brave, brave woman.

      I’ve never eaten sushi either! I decided rather suddenly that I wanted to try it, then found out I was pregnant with Noah the next week. So now it’s about time that I make that decision come true! You can eat sushi while nursing, right? A little raw fish milk never hurt anyone!!

      1. You know that there are some types of sushi that contain only cooked meats (crab, shrimp, salmon, etc) That’s where I started my sushi adventures. In fact that was one of my pregnancy cravings!

  4. I’ve done all the things listed and the comments so far. I didn’t know I had done so much. But I have never…
    *had a C section
    *eaten sushi
    *killed a man in Reno just to watch him die

  5. Let’s see I have never :

    * flown on a plane
    * milked a cow
    * drove my husband’s tractor
    * touched a snake
    * my 7 year old son has never spent a night away from home

    I am sure there are more nevers – but I just can’t think of them right now…

  6. I have never
    *been to Boston in the fall
    *owned a parrot
    *kissed a chipmunk
    *been farther north than the NC/VA state line
    *been farther south than Pensacola Beach.

  7. So far the only things on here that I have not done are:
    *killed a man in Reno just to watch him die
    *milk a cow
    *kiss a chipmunk
    *been to Boston in the Fall

    Oh and P.S.: I HEARD that Myomere now works at Sex Flags and that you can get in for 1/2 price if you take a couple of coke cans.

  8. I’m ancient, so I’ve done most of that stuff. I did have a few though.

    * I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz or Gone With The Wind in their entirety. Just the famous scenes they plaster everywhere. The flying monkeys did it for me. No. thank. you. Give me Hitchcock’s Birds any day.
    * Never had the flu. Neither have my mother or father.
    * Never been bitten by a snake, which is remarkable since I’m such a snake magnet. My snake scream probably saves me.

    1. What?? There are Flying Monkeys in Gone With The Wind?? How have I missed that scene?

      “Frankly My Dear, I don’t give a flying monkey.”

  9. Ohhhh, fun…. (I am loving the comments here)
    I have never…
    1. Seen Wizard of Oz and have no desire to.
    2. Gotten a tatoo or have the desire to bc all these tattoos are going to be sagging years from now.
    3. Gotten drunk, although I did get tipsy from a wine cooler once.
    4. Eaten sushi and have no desire to.

    You should make a meme Rachel!

    1. Oh my word!! My dear aunt Mama Hen, next week you are coming to my house for a W of Oz viewing and sushi (and just half a wine cooler).
      Wizard of Oz and sushi are two favorite things here.

    2. There’s an awesome Saturday Night Live “commercial” for tattoo remover where a tattoo that says “sexy” is showed in time lapse as it sags and wrinkles and droops so much that it says “sad”. I adore that commercial.

  10. I’ve never read or heard anything from Joel Osteen or John McArthur, but after a quick Google search, both of them give me the willies!!!

      1. I just looked at Wikipedia… suffice to say my theology doesn’t fit with either of them! But I’m sure your truffly things are phenomenal, all the same. :)

        1. Wow.. I’m pretty sure a fierce opponent must have written JM’s wiki entry – it was like they cherry picked and mashed together a lot of stuff to try and paint a bad image of him. Whereas JO’s was nearly empty.. Bizarre.

  11. Never have I ever:

    Marooned on a tropical isle.
    Flown an invisible jet.
    Swung from a jungle trapeze.
    Been eaten by mad killer bees.
    Captained my own pirate ship that was laden with Spanish dabloons.
    Battled a venomous frog.
    Rescued a maid from distress.
    Happened upon a Tyrannasarous Rex.
    Spelunked in the caves of the moon.

    One million cool points to whomever gets this reference :)

      1. It’s a song on the CD “Slugs, Bugs, and Lullabies”- which is by far THE best children’s CD I have ever encountered. This post immediately reminded me of it. If you have kids, you have to check this one out:

  12. Ugh…fainting is dreadful…I used to faint all the time…blood, needles, biology class…you name it. Probably fainted several times in class with Chris. It wipes you out for the rest of the day. I do not suggest you do this!

  13. Oh, & I’ve never had a job making cheese on the moon, although my 6 yr old used to swear that I did…maybe he knows something I don’t…

    1. Sounds fascinating!

      My Mom is also convinced that her Mom had a pet monkey growing up. My grandmother vehemently denies this obvious truth.

  14. -never been to Disneyland
    -never been in labour (scheduled c-section!)
    -never driven anything bigger than a van
    -had a dog as a pet
    -jumped out of an airplane
    -ridden an elephant
    -travelled to South America
    -Set foot in a Costco

    I have had sushi though. Actually my sil often makes it for us on
    holidays to go with our sweet potatoes and turkey :)

    The best sushi I ever had was in Japan. Sushi here just isn’t as good; we’re too far from the ocean!

  15. How fun! I’ve done a lot of the I nevers above and in the comments but let’s see if I can think of some of my own.

    I’ve never:
    * been to any other continent
    * lived alone
    * changed a tire
    * broken a bone
    * bungee jumped
    * baked a pie
    * been in a play

    1. I’ve ATTEMPTED to change a tire, but have never successfully done so. Thank goodness for husbands-on-the-way-to-help and strangers in cowboy hats.

  16. Fun post!

    I have never:
    been to Alabama!
    gotten a tatto
    been to any other continent
    lived alone (had roommates in college)
    bungee jumped
    gone sky diving
    been to Disney World (or Florida for that matter!)

    I’m sure there are millions of other things I have never done…I’m not overly adventurous. :) I have fainted though. In high school. Sooo embarrassing. I was in the 9th grade and got hit by a swing when I was watching 2nd graders at their recess. It bled A LOT. Then in the next class, choir, it was super hot. I saw spots and went down. One of the cutest, most popular senior boys carried me out of the room. That part was fun. Haha:)

    P.S. LOVE the autocorrects. Have you seen the website ? SOO funny!

    1. I think you need to remedy the never having been to Alabama one very soon! And you can visit Florida AND Disney World in the same trip, and think of all you’d accomplish!

  17. Fun post!
    I have to comment on your things first:
    I was summoned for jury duty when I was 18 or 19 and in college, so I was excused, or whatever the proper terminology is :)
    I’ve fainted twice, both were on the days that I had my two boys.
    I’ve never lived alone either, never desired to!
    I’ve never stayed alone more than 1 night at a time, can’t stand it, it creeps me out, so glad Ryan’s work doesn’t require him to travel!
    You’re not missing much at Six Flags, it’s usually 95+ degrees everyday in the summer, you have to wait in hour long lines and the roller coasters only last about 90 seconds.

    I’ve never…
    1. Seen any of the Star Wars movies and have no desire to
    2. Broken a bone
    I’m drawing a blank, too late to think, maybe after some sleep I can come up with a couple more :)

  18. This is a fun way to start summer break! Thanks, Rachel!

    I’ve never:
    *Learned to play chess
    *Thrown up as a non-pregnant adult
    *Traveled outside of the USA
    *Seen the Star Wars movies in their entirety (Wizard of Oz either!)
    *Been drunk
    *Watched more than a few minutes of Survivor, America’s biggest Loser, or Grey’s Anatomy.
    *Broken a bone

    I haven’t fainted either, but I came close during my son’s second-to-last ER trip when they were stitching up his chin.

    Putting together this list makes me think that I’ve eaten just about everything…except termites. I’ve never eaten termites.

    1. I’m impressed and envious that you’ve never thrown up – and that you’ve never learned to play chess. That is my least favorite game of all time.

  19. I have never:
    -had a fever blister
    -been to the northeast or northwest US
    -been in a helicopter and hope I never am
    -understood computers or my I-phone
    -never seen Glee (sorry Rachel)
    -lived outside of Alabama
    -had a baby
    -snow skied or ice skated
    That’s all I can think of right now. I do have a Bucket List.

    1. Please don’t ever see Glee. They took a wonderful show and rubbed it’s face in the sewer repeatedly. We quit watching halfway through this season.

  20. Let’s see: Never have I ever:

    Gotten nor wanted a tattoo
    Gone bungee jumping or skydiving (nor will I ever, much to my husband’s dissatisfaction)
    Done illegal drugs
    Watched or read all of Gone With the Wind
    Had a baby (yet!!!)
    Gone to Canada

    I can’t think of much else. I’ve lived in quite a few places and I’m willing to try most things.

  21. What a fun post!

    Never have I ever…..
    had the flu
    had braces
    tasted alcohol
    smoked a cigarette (although I do have a recurring dream where I do)
    eaten alligator (I’m sure it would probably taste like chicken)
    gotten a tattoo
    gotten a perm

  22. I have never:

    – Been to California – wanted to visit, but def. not stay (my hubby thinks the USA, and world for that matter, would be better off if it just sank into the ocean… but I would like to at least visit)

    – Ridden on a motorcycle – but I would really love to! Four-wheelers just aren’t the same…

    – Been skydiving – had the opportunity, but not the guts

    – Been in a helicopter – not even on one of those tour thingys, but I would love to go up in one

    Great post! Loved reading all the comments!

  23. ooh I just remembered one, and this one is impressive:

    Had a family member – not a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or cousin (beyond my 2nd cousin) to get a divorce. Closest was a Great-grandparent and a 3rd cousin. And I have both sets of my grandparents, and 5 aunts and uncles! Cool huh?

  24. I’ve never fainted either, or wanted/gotten a tattoo or lived alone. Nor traveled internationally alone—quite brave of you! I’m traveling internationally this summer with my husband and I’m still scared. Ha. Thanks for sharing your list. Followed you over from Alabama Bloggers…

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