Not-Crazy-Renee and the Neighborhood Package Thief.

Not-Crazy-Renee (my neighbor, who I introduced to you Monday) has had an intense holiday season. For one, she’s post-partum. No one should have to be post-partum over the holidays – I should know, as Noah was born on December 19. (Happy birthday, son. You might get a sweet and touching birthday blog post…at some point.) […]

The FaceTune Challenge.

So. Remember my post about using Facetune, and then feeling guilty for making my skin so smooth? I eventually did feel guilty enough to replace all of my profile pictures with the unedited images – they looked more like me, anyway. And the skin-so-smooth-I-haven’t-actually-had-that-since-I-was-seven was starting to annoy me. But one night as I was […]

On My Whirlwind Relationship with a Spammer.

As a blogger, I get hundreds of emails a day. Of those, approximately one is a real person emailing me to genuinely correspond. If I’m lucky. I adore emails from real people. In the stack of emails, there are definite patterns that can be found. PR Firms sending me press releases, hoping that I’ll write […]

The Dilemna Dilemma.

I hated English in school, and I don’t expect that my blog follows the rules of the AP Stylebook – like, ever. I have endless grammar quirks that I am positive make my journalist friends secretly despise me. However, I have always been a fantastic speller. I’m convinced that spelling is something you’re born with […]

A Cure for the Common Ant.

“Uh Oh! I dropped an M&M on the ground!” “That’s okay. Just throw it in the bushes. No – wait – why don’t you go put it on top of that ant bed you were looking at a while ago? I bet they would love it.” After all, it was Easter Sunday. Everyone deserves a […]

A Triad of Short Stories.

Thank You: Private Eye. I received a thank you note in the mail last week. It was addressed to “Mrs. Callahan” and was signed “Mrs. [insert last name I’d never heard before here.]” It was a rather generically written thank you card for a wedding gift that I did not remember giving. In fact, I […]

On Having (and Finding) My Celebrity Twin.

It wasn’t an option, really. I had to find her. The number of Facebook messages, texts, tweets, and in-person comments was rising so quickly that I just started assigning people a number. “Hey! Have you seen that Nokia Lumia commercial…” “You’re number thirteen.” “Oh. So it’s not you?” “Nope.” I could see what they saw, […]

Moist: On Meeting Daze.

On Friday, I shared the majority of my interview with Moist, a Birmingham graffiti artist. However, the last question I asked had such a fascinating answer that I saved it for a post of its own. I asked Moist if he had ever met Daze, another graffiti artist whose tags I see all over town, […]

Moist: The Interview.

A couple of months ago, I mentioned my favorite graffiti sighting in Birmingham, Moist. I have an appreciation for well-written, non-obscene graffiti, and found it to be rather brilliant that someone would take the most hated and eye-catching word in the human language and use it for their tag. Consequently, I keep an eye out […]